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Religious Diversity in Bali During Ramadan

The Island of Gods, Bali, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich culture deeply rooted in Hindu traditions. However, beneath the surface, Bali also harbors another treasure: a remarkable diversity of religions coexisting with remarkable tolerance. This becomes particularly evident during the holy month of Ramadan, where the Muslim community in Bali observes their fasting practices with devotion amidst a predominantly Hindu population.

Harmony Amidst Diversity

Despite the Hindu majority, Bali boasts a sizeable Muslim community. During Ramadan, the atmosphere in Bali resembles other parts of Indonesia. Mosques come alive with worshippers attending Taraweeh prayers and Quran recitations. In several areas, interfaith gatherings for breaking fast (buka puasa) are held to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among Muslims.

The remarkable aspect lies in the palpable interfaith tolerance in Bali during Ramadan. Hindus are often seen extending a helping hand to their Muslim neighbors who are fasting, by offering food for buka puasa. This exemplifies how religious differences pose no barrier to peaceful coexistence and mutual respect.

Unique Ramadan Traditions in Bali

Ramadan in Bali also features some unique traditions not found elsewhere. One such tradition is “mepejati” or “megabur.” This involves cleaning the mosques and surrounding areas in preparation for Ramadan. Hindus and Muslims work together to spruce up the mosques, signifying respect and tolerance between the faiths.

A Message of Tolerance and Brotherhood

The harmonious coexistence of diverse religions in Bali during Ramadan serves as a Vorbild (German for “role model”) for all. It demonstrates that differences are not a hurdle to peaceful living and mutual respect. Ramadan becomes a special occasion to solidify brotherhood and interfaith tolerance in Bali, setting an example for Indonesia and the world.


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