The legend of Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling

The legend of Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling – Ratu Gede Mas (Ratu Sakti Ring Nusa) is one of the Jogormanik bodyguards who plays the role of Bhatara Kala at Pura Dalem Ped Nusa Penida. The task carried out from this role is to deliver evil spirits or atman to Pura Dalem Kerangkeng. The temple is located in Nusa Penida. There is a cage cave (prison) inside the temple which contains a court table and a statue of Lord Ganesha.

The legend of Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling

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In the past there was a prince named Jumpungan. He lives on Mount Kila. Prince Jumpungan chose to live as a priest so he was given the title Dukuh. Through his expertise as a boat builder, he makes loloan in Nusa Penida and Ceningan.

Hamlet Jumpungan has a wife named Ni Puri. They have a son named Merja. Then Prince Merja married a girl named Ni Luna who was blessed with a son named Undur and a daughter named Dyah Ranggini. Prince Undur married Ni Lumi, while his sister, Dyah Ranggini, was married to Dalem Sawang. As a result of Prince Undur’s marriage to Ni Lumi, a son was born who was named Renggan.

Prince Renggan is married to Ni Merahim and has two children. Son and daughter. Their son was given the name I Gede Mecaling, while his daughter was named Ni Tole. Prince I Gede Mecaling has a wife named Ratu Ayu Mas Lebur Jagad or Sang Ayu Mas Rajeg Bumi or Sang Ayu Mas Meketel. Meanwhile Ni Tole is the consort of Dalem Sawang. When Dalem Sawang died the broker was fighting with Dalem dukut, Prince I Gede Mecaling replaced him as a king.

Prince I Gede Mecaling always did meditation meditation in Ped. He does it happily without getting tired. His worship during yoga semadhi is addressed to Ida Bhatara Ciwa. From Swarga Loka Ida Bhatara Ciwa came down to earth to see a figure who touched his heart while doing yoga semadhi. Finally, Ida Bhatara Ciwa awarded I Gede Mecaling the supernatural power in the form of Kanda Sanga.

The gift of Kanda Sanga from Ida Bhatara Ciwa made Prince I Gede Mecaling turn out to be big and scary and had two very long fangs. When He makes a sound, it makes the universe vibrate. This caused an uproar in Marcapada. The gods who heard this were also confused because nothing could match the supernatural powers of Prince I Gede Mecaling, not even the gods themselves. Its mandraguna power is centered on its long fangs. Apart from the fangs (caling), he has the power of Catur Sakti.

Seeing this, Ida Bhatara Ciwa who gave Kanda Sanga came down to earth to cut off Prince I Gede Mecaling’s fangs. After the fangs were cut, the universe was peaceful again. He then returned to doing meditation meditation meditation devoted to Ida Bhatara Rudra. Ida Bhatara Rudra generously came down to earth to bestow Prince I Gede Mecaling in the form of panca taksu. The five taksu are as follows.

  • Taksu balian
  • Grubug Repelling Taksu
  • Taksu of Friendship
  • Taksu Miracle
  • Taksu stirred

With the gift of panca taksu, Prince I Gede Mecaling led the wong Samar and Babhutan-babhutan on earth. The ida climbs are as follows.

  • Sang Bhuta Asu
  • Sang Bhuta Narijana
  • Sang Bhuta Keli
  • Sang Bhuta Bregala
  • Sang Bhuta Sungsang
  • The Bhuta Terakas
  • The Bhuta Pelor
  • Sang Bhuta Landrang
  • Sang Bhuta Kiram
  • The Bhuta Rangsam
  • Sang Bhuta Tiyaksa
  • Sang Bhuta Suwanda
  • Sang Bhuta Kerandah
  • Sang Bhuta Wewerung
  • Sang Bhuta Bebahung

Prince I Gede Mecaling was given the authority by Ida Bhatari Durga Dewi to take human lives on earth because Bleiau was the main servant. In addition, he was also given authority as the ruler of the ocean. Therefore, he is often referred to as Ida Ratu Gede Samudra.

Mrs. Durga Dewi gave the title Papak Poleng to Prince I Gede Mecaling. Meanwhile, the wife of Pengeran, Sang Ayu Mas Rajeg Bumi was given the title Papak Selem. Finally Pangeran I Gede Mecaling moksa in Ped, while his wife moksa at Bias Muntig. This husband and wife are now believed to be the rulers of the land of Nusa Penida and have the mandate to be the rulers of death.

From there, Prince I Gede Mecaling finally got the title Sugra Pakulun “Ida Bhatara Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling” or “Ida Bhatara Ratu Sakti Mas Mecaling”.

So Hindus who want a long, safe, healthy life and others usually worship Ida Bhatara Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling. And various rituals are usually held so that he doesn’t get angry so that Nusa Penida is safe from all dangers.

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