Bali Temega Tree House

The beauty of Bali Temega Tree House – The tourist attraction which was just established 2 years ago is located in the village of Temega, Karangasem, Bali. The place is in the middle of a stretch of rice fields and large trees. Making this tourist spot very cool and suitable for spending time relaxing.

Bali Temega Tree House
Bali Temega Tree House

The location is very strategic because it is close to the city center, so visitors will easily find it. The manager of the Temega tree house, I Nengah Satya Wira Saputra. Said that all the plants that were here were indeed the original plants of Temega. He just arranged to be more attractive. So it’s no wonder that everything in the Temega tree house looks so natural and blends with the surrounding trees.

Aside from being well-organized. The view of Temega is also equipped with various facilities by its managers. So that it is very comfortable to be a vacation spot either with family or friends.

Visitors who come to this place are now not only local people but also from abroad. This is also influenced by the development of technology. So that information about this place is easily accessed by people in any country. The idea of ​​making this tree house itself originated from the presence of Nengah’s family fruit garden. So there is an intention to arrange it as a tree house tourist spot. Because of the large and shady trees in this location.
And who would have thought this tourist spot was successful in attracting the attention of its visitors. This place also makes admiration for visitors who first come here, those who come because they are interested in seeing photos of previous visitors on social media are in fact not disappointed with this place, because the beauty of the place is in accordance with what is there.

The beginning of this place

“This place is actually suitable to be visited with family, seeing the vast place and many playing spots so that it feels like even children will be happy to be here. But visiting with a partner or friend is also possible because there are many interesting photo spots too, ”said I Wayan Eka Muliawan who was interviewed after visiting the Temega tree house.
Eka also admitted that this place has various interesting spots so it is not boring to explore. Eka further said that her favorite spot is the tallest tree house in this tourist spot, this is because from the height there is indeed a beautiful view of the Temega village.
In line with visitors’ expectations, the manager of the Temega tree house also stated that it would always try to arrange this place without damaging the nature of this Temega village. So that the existence of these tourist attractions will also be stable given that everything is natural and follows the natural conditions so that tourism and natural beauty will continue to go hand in hand without disturbing each other.

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