Bunut Bolong Jembrana

Bunut Bolong Jembrana, unique from nature

Balitraveldiary.com – On the island of Bali there are only unique things that deserve attention and become tourist destinations. Such as the Bunut Bolong tree located in the village of Manggisari, Pekutatan, Jembrana – West Bali. This giant Bunut tree is hundreds of years old. At the bottom of the tree that is at its roots, there is a large hole. There is a road that can be crossed by cars and even trucks and large bodies though.

Bunut Bolong Jembrana
Bunut Bolong Jembrana

The attraction of Bunut Bolong is indeed an interesting concern for many people today. Besides appearing beautiful and beautiful but also unique. This uniqueness is an interesting thing and made a place of recreation. Plus the beautiful natural surroundings make it one of the attractions in the district of Jembrana.

Bunut Bolong in Jembrana Bali Magical Tourist Attraction

The Balinese really believe in a variety of magical things. As we can see that a number of large trees are often saved. So that the tree watchers do not interfere and so that residents who have never been to the place. Do not behave and act carelessly so that they are made a place to pray. As a sign that a place is a sacred place so that people do not do carelessly in the area.

Hindus believe that everything in this world is a creation of God. Humans must maintain harmonious relations and not hurt one another. One of them is Bunut Bolong in Jembrana Bali is considered to have a magical aura. So visitors should not be careless. Bunut Bolong is saved, no one dares to disturb the existence of the tree. The habits and beliefs of Balinese Hindus like this are certainly very attractive to outsiders.

The root shape of the Bunut tree does form a natural whole (hole), looks quite majestic, beautiful . This road is an alternative journey from the direction of Jembrana towards Buleleng regency. The distance from Denpasar city to get to Bunut Bolong Jembrana is about 2 hours drive. While the distance from the village market of Pekutatan is around 11 km.

The tourist area of ​​Bunut Bolong is very beautiful and cool, besides that the lush and unique look of the Bunut tree is an interesting thing to enjoy, many residents come just to hang out or relax, away from the hustle of the city. This place is an alternative tourist destination besides the beaches in the West Bali region.

The location of the Bunut Bolong attraction

The location of the Bunut Bolong attraction in Pekutatan Jembrana is indeed in an area of ​​tropical forest that stretches from North to South, and on the east side there is a clove garden which is a hallmark of trees in the highlands. The surrounding nature looks always green and blends harmoniously with the lush and growing Bunut Bolong uniquely straddling the road.

In the south of Bunut Bolong there is a temple named Pujangga Sakti temple, this temple was built by residents to pay homage to a saint named Dang Hyang Sidhi Mantra. Pujangga Sakti Temple is very suitable for those of you who like to do meditation or spiritual approach, because the atmosphere is calm and quiet.

Myth of Bunut Bolong

There is also a myth that developed, the group of abstinence brides through the road under the Bunut Bolong tree, if it is violated the wedding the bride is feared to fail either before the wedding ceremony or afterward, abstinence also applies to honeymoon couples to pass under the tree, if that violated their relationship will not be harmonious anymore.

In addition, death groups such as hearses or during the procession, do not cross the road under Bunut Bolong, this can be understood as a sacred place and also purified. For this reason, residents make roads next to trees to be crossed by those who believe in these restrictions.

Bunut Bolong in Pekutatan, Jembrana, Bali has become one of the unique and interesting tourist attractions that smells magical. This tourist attraction is quite well-known among local and surrounding residents. But for those of you tourists may still be quite foreign, there are still not many travel agendas, guides or tour directors directing tours in Bali to these attractions.

This tourist spot in West Bali is indeed located quite far from the airport and tourism centers in South Bali such as Kuta and Nusa Dua, with a car rental plus a driver you will be able to more easily visit also beautiful and attractive recreational places in the tourist area of ​​West Bali such as Medewi beach, Rambut Siwi and West Bali National Park.

The Origins of Manggissari Village

There is the origin of the village of Manggissari in the local community, recounting that previously the village of Manggissari was located north of Bunut Bolong, at that time many residents were affected by the plague to death.

According to the instructions obtained from Pujangga Sakti Temple, the settlement of Manggissari village residents was moved to the south of Bunut Bolong, and finally the population was no longer stricken with plague, healed until now. The story also makes the existence of Bunut Bolong considered sacred.

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