Mask Dance

Old mask Dance (Tari Topeng), traditional from Bali – Topeng Dance is a part of traditional Balinese dance drama. In addition to being performed as an entertainment show, there is also a mask dance that complements the religious ceremonies. One of the dance masks that has a function in both of them is the old mask dance, also called the Lumaku Werda dance.

Mask Dance
Mask Dance

The old Masquerade dance features a dancer with a magnificent outfit and wears a wood mask of ylang-ylang wood. From her facial expression, the character is seen as an old man.

During the show, the dancer will walk around the stage and dance with slow movements. Occasionally, the dancer breathed out and made a sweat sweep motion from her mask with a witty style. The choreography performed by dancers depicts the elderly man being remembered for his youth.

As dances that have a sacredness value, old mask dances are usually staged in a Piodalan memorial ritual. In the commemoration held every 6 months in the Bali calendar system, this dance will be performed along with other types of mask dances that become one unit with the name of the five masks. In addition to the old mask, the Panca mask consists of a mask dalem, a hard mask, a hard mask bues, and a figure of the advisor (story speaker). In addition to being staged as part of a religious ritual, old mask dances and some other five-piece mask components are also staged in a shorter format as a non-ritual dance.

In addition to being part of the five masks, the old Topeng dance is shown as another sacred dance opener, the Pajegan mask dance. The Pajegan mask dance is only performed at religious ceremonies. In addition, all the characters in this dance show were performed by a dancer. The dancer will play different figures with different looks of masks, headgear, and gestures.

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