Seminyak Backyard Restaurant

Play and Relax at Seminyak Backyard Restaurant – Nowadays, the goal of a culinary lover to come to a restaurant is not just to consider the delicacy factor of food. Many culinary tourists decide on a visit by paying attention to the experience gained. Seminyak Backyard Restaurant invites its customers to experience different dining moments. Here, you will find restaurant designs like the home page.

Seminyak Backyard Restaurant
Seminyak Backyard Restaurant

Backyard Seminyak ensures that the dining area they provide is a suitable choice for all family members. You can invite relatives, children, couples or friends to relax and enjoy the dish here. You can use various facilities during leisure. Not only that, a varied and complete menu, makes anyone tempted.

Seminyak Backyard Restaurant Becomes a Choice of New Hangouts in Bali

Backyard Seminyak is one of the new restaurants established in 2019, precisely in March. Even so, the convenience they offer, makes many visitors choose Seminyak Backyard as their favorite hangout. The main factor that makes this place comfortable is related to the design of the room.

As a restaurant that carries a cozy home theme, you will find a spacious area within the restaurant. This spacious area is intentionally provided to adjust the conditions of existing houses in Indonesia, which are usually accompanied by a large yard to play. Not only that, an indoor area that is no less comfortable can also be found here.

Entertainment facilities that can be found by visitors to Backyard Seminyak are also diverse. You will find live music performances that you can enjoy to your heart’s content. Moreover, you can enjoy the musical performance while relaxing in a seat in the form of a comfortable bean bag. Do not forget, you can also find a row of delicious menu offerings.

The design of the room, both indoors and outdoors, which is comfortable in Backyard Seminyak, also provides an opportunity for you to enhance your social media accounts. You can make a culinary opportunity to the Backyard Restaurant as a means for photo hunting. Ciamik, deh!

Menu Options at Backyard Seminyak

The main menu that you can find in this restaurant is the western menu. Rows of western menus that you can taste include, various variants of pizza, spaghetti, steak, and others. Not to forget, a delicious pork ribs menu can also be found. You can also find snacks and various kinds of contemporary snacks accompanied by mozzarella during Backyard Seminyak.

Seminyak Backyard Restaurant
Seminyak Backyard Restaurant

In addition to western-style menus, there are also a series of oriental and traditional menus that you can order. Examples of menus in this category include corn fritters, satay, masala, or shrimp tempura. Interestingly enough, you can also order menus that are not actually on the restaurant menu list. However, to do this, you first talk to the waiter.

Location of Backyard Seminyak Restaurant

This restaurant can be found at Jl. Camplung Tanduk Number 15X, Seminyak. The location of this restaurant is very close to Sunset Road which is known as one of the centers of the crowd in Seminyak. Rows of famous cafes like La Favela are also not far from Backyard Seminyak. If you want to come to this restaurant, you can choose the time of visit between 11 noon to midnight.

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