Chef’s Table Socation

Chef’s Table Socation, Romantic Dining on Ayung River – Who does not want to experience the romantic dining experience with a partner? Moments like this, become one way to bring affection to your partner. The opportunity can not only be done by newly married brides, but also very appropriate to be practiced by couples who have lived together for years.

Chef’s Table Socation
Chef’s Table Socation

In Bali, you will find so many restaurant choices that offer a romantic dining experience. One location you can consider is Chef’s Table Socation at Four Season Hotel Bali. Here, you will be invited to enjoy a meal with an exclusive location. Chef’s Table Socation provides dining locations directly on the river bank. Romantic, right?

A Natural and Romantic Open Kitchen at the Chef’s Table in Four Season Hotel Bali

Chef’s Table Socation provides a romantic dining experience that is far different compared to other restaurants. Here, you can eat a variety of authentic traditional Balinese cuisine with a unique atmosphere. Instead of being surrounded by magnificent buildings, you will be taken to merge with nature.

The restaurant deliberately designed a dining area for guests using the concept of an open kitchen. Such a concept, provides benefits because visitors can see the beauty of nature perfectly without being covered by other buildings. Moreover, its location on the banks of the Ayung River, gives an impression that is difficult to forget.

The open kitchen concept also allows visitors to be able to interact directly with the chef who is preparing food. Not to forget, the attraction of a chef in demonstrating his ability to cook various types of authentic traditional Balinese culinary also becomes its own entertainment.

Four Seasons Bali at Sayan also provides this experience with limited offers. Chef’s Table is not open every day. You will only find this exclusive dining experience on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In addition, to get this special romantic dining opportunity, you also need to pay quite expensive.

Four Seasons Bali charges a fee of Rp1.8 million per person for each order. It’s just that you need to make a reservation to be able to get a place. Moreover, the number of seats provided every day to be able to get a dining dining experience at the Chef’s Table is very limited, only for 8 people.

Special Menu at Chef’s Table Sokasi Bali

Chef’s Table Socation
betutu duck

There are not too many menus that you can find at Chef’s Table. However, these menus are special dishes cooked by professional chefs. The signature dish that serves as the main dish here is betutu duck cooked by slow cook for about 12 hours. Betutu duck is served with accompanied lawar and juice.

No lag, you can also find a variety of traditional Balinese culinary that is no less delicious. Pork bolsters, which are a common dish in Bali, can be found at Chef’s Table Sokasi. In addition, there are also scales chicken, klengis fish, roasted corn, or shrimp sauce.

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