Hakata Ikkousha Kuta

Japanese Original Ramen in Hakata Ikkousha Kuta

Balitraveldiary.com – For those of you who claim to be Japanese food lovers who are in Bali, there are plenty of food from the sunrise country to try. From a series of famous Japanese food, the ramen menu has become very familiar with Indonesian tongues. Well, if you want to taste the original ramen from the sono, you can visit Hakata Ikkousha Kuta.

Hakata Ikkousha Kuta
Hakata Ikkousha Kuta

Before deciding to visit this place, you need to know that Hakata Ikkousha intentionally wants to offer Japanese flavors in an authentic form. In Japan, you will find that the majority of the process of making ramen is accompanied by pork, both as a topping or for the use of broth. Well, Hakata Bali Ikkousha, uses a mixture of pork in it.

With such consideration, Hakata Ikkousha is not recommended for Muslim tourists. You will certainly question the level of halal menu available at this Japanese culinary outlet. Although they also offer other menus that are not accompanied by a mixture of pork, but it still raises big questions related to halality.

Hakata Ikkousha Kuta is the Official Branch of Fukuoka Japan

Hakata Ikkousha is a famous Japanese restaurant with a main menu of ramen. In fact, this restaurant has a long history, it has been established since 40 years ago. The place of origin of this restaurant is the area named Hakata in Fukuoka. In its original city, Ikkousha ramen became a favorite processed ramen that is loved by culinary lovers.

Aside from Bali, Hakata Ikkousha also has other branches. Some cities that have been visited visited by this ramen restaurant are Yogyakarta, Tangerang, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Medan. Interestingly, in some locations, Hakata provides ramen menus with no pork mix. Meanwhile, in several other locations, they deliberately use these materials.

Authentic Japanese ramen is not only an attraction that makes food lovers visit Bali’s Hakata Ikkousha. The restaurant management is also trying to bring a room design that is similar to the atmosphere in Japan. Moreover, every visitor who enters the door of the restaurant, will receive a warm welcome in the form of yells typical of Hakata Ikkousha.

Furthermore, in the interior of the room, you will find conditions that look quite extensive. This broad impression can be obtained because this dining place uses glass walls. The use of red paint also gives a festive impression. The red color is also deliberately used because it is said to be able to encourage the appetite of visitors.

Menu Options at Hakata Ikkousha Bali

Hakata Ikkousha Kuta
Hakata Ikkousha Kuta

In this place, you can find 2 Japanese specialties that can be ordered. The main menu, of course, is ramen. The way the ramen is served is by using a large bowl complete with thick broth. In addition, you can also find another menu called Tsukemen. Basically, tsukemen are not much different from ramen. It’s just the way of presentation is done by the separation between the contents and noodles.

Regarding the price, the menu of ramen and tsukemen in Hakata Ikkousha can be enjoyed with a tag of around Rp. 45 thousand. If you want, you can also add a topping pegged at a price of Rp10 thousand. Quite interesting, right? This shop can be found at the address of Jalan Sunset Road Blok 4-5 No.225X, Kuta, open from 11 noon until 10 pm.

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