Samadi Sunday Market

Samadi Sunday Market Canggu – Choosing holiday activities while in Bali will never be endless. Many activity options that you can try, both paid and free. If you are in Bali when it’s Sunday, you might consider coming to Samadi Canggu Sunday Market. As the name implies, Samadi Sunday Market is a market that only appears on Sundays.

Samadi Sunday Market
Samadi Sunday Market

This market is an effort to encourage the existence of local communities. As proof, Samadi Sunday Market only sells products obtained from the Balinese people. You can find crafts or agricultural products. At the same time, this Sunday market offers a fun and fun shopping atmosphere.

Hunting for Organic Agriculture at Samadi Canggu Sunday Market

Samadi Sunday Market was indeed established to provide additional income opportunities for the local community. The products that you can get at the Samadi Sunday Market are also quality products. In fact, agricultural products that can be found on the Sunday market are harvested from agricultural land and plantations that do not use pesticides, aka agricultural products and organic plantations.

While at Samadi Sunday Market, you can ensure that every agricultural and plantation product offered is a quality product. It does not only offer health because it does not use chemicals in the process of planting. Happy agricultural and plantation products in Samadi Sunday Market are also harvested at their best.

The existence of agricultural products and organic plantations in the Samadi Sunday Market can be a healthy food supply for tourists. You can find organic fruits that can be directly consumed. In addition, a row of vegetables can also be used into various types of cuisine, especially when you stay in a bungalow or apartment that is accompanied by kitchen facilities.

As a complement, you can also find organic farm products during the Samadi Sunday Market tour. Like agricultural and plantation products, livestock products offered at the Samadi Sunday Market are also processed without involving chemicals. The breeders use green leaves as animal feed, so it really produces organic and healthy meat.

Samadi Sunday Market As A Free Eye Wash Option

Samadi Sunday Market is indeed labeled as a traditional market that drives the economy of the local community. The existence of this traditional market is an initiative of Samadi Bali which has various business sectors on the Island of the Gods. They also provide a comfortable open space for traders and visitors.

Samadi Sunday Market
Samadi Sunday Market

This traditional market is designed in an open area with a fairly large size. The convenience, makes Samadi Sunday Market as an attractive choice for tourists who want to wash their eyes. You can just walk around to see the interaction between traders and prospective buyers. An open and cheerful atmosphere here, can also be an interesting photo object.

If you are curious to see this traditional market directly, you can come to its location at Jalan Padang Linjong 39, Canggu. It’s free!

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