Coworking Space Hubud

Coworking Space Hubud, in Middle of Rice Fields – The digital age as it is now, makes someone able to work from various places. Bali is a fun choice if you want a vacation while working. You don’t need to worry about finding a comfortable place to work. Here, there are many coworking space locations that can be occupied. This place is a the first coworking space on the Island of the Gods.

Coworking Space Hubud
Coworking Space Hubud

Coworking Space Hubud is located in the famous Ubud area which is able to present a natural atmosphere. You will find eco-friendly building designs built using bamboo. In addition, the manager also chooses the right location and can make the freelancers comfortable. Moreover, the coworking space building is located in the middle of a rice field.

Work While Enjoying a Distinctive Rural Atmosphere in Coworking Space Hubud Bali

Hubud is not just ordinary coworking space. Here, you can get a lot of things that will not be found in other coworking space facilities. The design of the bamboo house in this place, encourages the creative minds of the people in it. Moreover, you can work in peace without the noise of traffic noise or motor vehicles.

Coworking Space Hubud can also be your bridge in developing a bigger business. Moreover, coworking space is often the choice of locations for remote workers from various countries on vacation to Bali. The comfort that is in this place also does not need to be questioned. They have gained recognition from several world-renowned media such as Forbes, CNBC, or Lonely Planet.

Coworking Space Hubud
Coworking Space Hubud

Complete and comfortable facilities at Coworking Space Hubud

When using the time to visit Coworking Space Hubud, you will find that this place really offers complete facilities. You can spend your vacation time without leaving your work duties at work while you are here. The facilities they provide are also very complete, including:

1. Accommodation services

Hubud does not have its own room or room that can be a place to stay for its service users. Instead, they have collaborated with several nearby lodgings to provide accommodation services for Hubud users. That way, you can stay comfortable working at Hubud.

2. Transportation

The management of Hubud also provides comfort because it provides comprehensive transportation services. When you just set foot at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can use the airport shuttle service provided by Hubud. In addition, you can also take advantage of automatic bicycle facilities that can be used while in Ubud for a vacation while working.

3. Canteen

Furthermore, you can also find canteen facilities with a complete menu line when you are at Coworking Space Hubud. Menu choices that can be enjoyed very much. You can choose to order crepes, soups, tacos, salads, and others.

4. Meeting room

Coworking Space Hubud is also accompanied by a meeting room and open area that can be used to gather together with team members. There, you can coordinate work related with a calm atmosphere.

5. Lockers

Not to forget, Hubud also provides secure storage locker access. Here, you can store various personal items without worrying about being lost.

Coworking Space Hubud location

To use the coworking space service at Hubud, you certainly need to pay the rate they have set. There are several packages to choose from, even if you want you can also use unlimited packages. The location of this coworking space can be found at Jl. Monkey Forest Road 88x, Ubud, Gianyar. Not far from Monkey Forest, you know!

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