Make I Gusti Ketut’s Fighting Spirit Make Your Inspiration

The Match in the Land of the Gods: I Gusti Ketut Jelantik

A governor of the Kingdom of Buleleng, I Gusti Ketut Jelantik, has led 3 major wars in Bali. This Balinese hero is famous for his war strategy expertise and bravery against the Dutch.

This Balinese puputan war began with the Tawan Karang customary right which claimed that a shipwrecked and stranded on the coast of Bali without permission would belong to the nearest Balinese kingdom.

This Balinese customary law has existed in Bali since the 9th century, but when the Dutch ship docked and was taken prisoner, these foreigners did not accept this customary law decision.

The kingdom of Bali that got the right to hold a Dutch ship at that time was the Kingdom of Buleleng, because the Dutch ship sank in Perancak, Jembrana.

The Dutch government has a habit of holding negotiations and signing agreements to resolve disputes. The Dutch filed a request for compensation against Balinese customary law claims for 2 ships that sank and became objects of looting by the Balinese people.

In addition, the Dutch also asked the Balinese authorities to abolish customary law and the Balinese people to recognize Dutch rule in Bali. Seeing that the Dutch request would only harm their citizens, the King of Buleleng and Patih Agung Jelantik refused and determined to defend the customs, ancestral values, and freedom in their own land.

The War Armament Gap Repels the Hero

The Dutch modern armament was so strong that the fighters retreated. In 1846, the King of Buleleng and Patih Jelantik moved back to Jagaraga.

As a pretext to build strength, the kingdom of Buleleng signed a peace treaty with the Dutch. Meanwhile, I Gusti Ketut Jelantik asked for help from other Balinese royal alliances, such as the Mengwi Kingdom and the Klungkung Kingdom.

Knowing that signing the treaty was a time-consuming ploy, in 1848, the Dutch sent their troops and fought against the remaining Buleleng kingdom in Jagaraga.

Experts in war tactics stated that the Patih chose a hiding location that was not reached by cannons.

In the war in 1848, the Kingdom of Buleleng joined other Balinese kingdoms. However, still hit hard. Finally, the King of Buleleng and Patih Agung Jelantik asked the Kingdom of Karangasem for help to hide in the mountains of Batur, Kintamani.

It was here that the Lombok troops, which at that time became an alliance of the Dutch, defeated the defenses of the Buleleng kingdom.

Awarding the Title of National Hero

For his bravery in defending his kingdom, I Gusti Ketut Jelantik was awarded the title of National Hero in 1993.

The exemplary values ​​of this National Hero are the values ​​of patriotism, solidarity, and responsibility.

It is very easy for the governor of the Buleleng Kingdom to go and save himself, because he is not the King of Buleleng. However, he remained by the king’s side in the face of repeated war defeats.

This is a review of the National Hero, I Gusti Ketut Jelantik. Hopefully it can help you complete your IPS or History assignment from your teacher. It would be better if you can apply the exemplary values ​​in your daily life, such as being responsible for completing tasks and being loyal to friends in positive ways.

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