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bali's Kebaya

Distinctive Features of Balinese Distinctive Kebaya – Kebaya is a type of traditional clothing that can be found in various regions in Indonesia. You can not only find kebaya in Java, but also when visiting Bali. Although it looks the same, but the Balinese kebaya has characteristics that make it different from the kebaya that is commonly used by people from the Javanese tribe.

bali's Kebaya
bali’s Kebaya

Balinese people often wear traditional kebaya on various occasions. In fact, the kebaya becomes custom clothing that must be used when performing prayer activities in temples. Although labeled as traditional clothing, kebaya has proven to be one of the favorite clothes. Moreover, traditional kebaya originating from Bali, has an attractive design, not inferior to modern clothes.

Then, what makes kebaya from Bali different from the kebaya from Java? There are three main factors that you can use to recognize the difference of kebaya from Bali with kebaya from other regions in Indonesia, namely:

Types of Fabric Used for Balinese Typical Kebaya

The first factor that you can make a benchmark in knowing the differences in Balinese kebaya is the type of fabric used. Usually, you will find a Balinese kebaya made with two types of ingredients. The first ingredient, is brocade fabric. In addition, you can also find Balinese kebaya from cotton fabrics. Both types of this fabric, giving a sense of comfort and avoid the heat.

Fabric on traditional kebaya from Bali, also usually accompanied by special motifs. Types of motifs that are often used are motifs in the form of lotus flowers and round motifs. The use of this motif is very different from the kebaya from Java, which generally uses a fabric motif in the form of a long curve.

Balinese Traditional Kebaya Color Options

The next characteristic that you can find on traditional clothing in the form of Balinese kebaya is the color selection. In general, Balinese kebaya is made with cloth with bright color options. You will very rarely find Balinese kebaya in black, gray or other dark colors. Conversely, there are many choices of kebaya Bali with white, red, orange, yellow, and the like.

How to use Balinese Kebaya Shawl is different from Javanese Kebaya

The most striking difference between Balinese kebaya and Javanese kebaya lies in the way the shawl is worn. Shawl on the Javanese kebaya, used as a sling on the shoulder. However, it is different from the shawl on the Balinese kebaya. Generally, the shawl is placed in a bound condition to the waist.

How to use a shawl on the Balinese kebaya has a very important meaning. The binding of the shawl is a symbol of lust binding and bad behavior when entering the temple area. Usually, the scarf used also has a contrasting color compared to the color of the kebaya fabric.

In some cases, you can also add trinkets to the scarf. One way is to place a large brooch. Guaranteed, it will look beautiful and elegant when you wear traditional clothes on this one. Also suitable for the choice of souvenirs, you know!

Moreover, to buy a Balinese kebaya as a souvenir is also very easy. You can find it in traditional markets or souvenir centers such as The Basket, Krisna Bali, and the like.

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