The behavior of monkeys in Uluwatu is proof of their intelligence

Unique Facts about Monkey Behavior in Uluwatu – Unique Facts about Monkey Behavior in Uluwatu, Stealing Items to Exchange for Food

The existence of monkeys in tourist attractions in Bali is often a separate entertainment for tourists. Sometimes, the monkey looks adorable. However, not infrequently the monkeys also perform nosy actions such as stealing goods belonging to tourists. The results of the study revealed that the behavior of monkeys in Uluwatu turned out to be a structured action.

This fact was revealed by a primatologist from the University of Liege, Belgium named Fany Brocotne. As quoted from Detik Travel, Fany conducted research on the behavior of monkeys in Uluwatu. From the results of his research, it was revealed that the monkeys did have a habit of stealing. They stole various types of items, ranging from hats, pens, and others.

Fany also faced the annoying behavior of monkeys in Uluwatu. In fact, he admitted that the monkeys were also trying to steal the data from his research. Luckily, he tried hard to keep it up. At the same time, he revealed that there were so many theft activities by monkeys in Uluwatu.

Group of Tourist Thieves Becomes Monkey Behavior in Uluwatu

Fany observes 4 groups of monkeys that are in the Uluwatu Temple area every day. From these observations, he found that there were 2 groups that specifically carried out routine theft activities. Interestingly, he found that the items stolen by the monkeys were then collected by the handler in exchange for food.

This foreign researcher also revealed that the annoying behavior of the monkeys in Uluwatu turned out to be a tradition. From his observations, the monkeys seemed to pass the ability to steal to the young members of the herd. As a result, it is not surprising that currently there are so many groups of thieving monkeys around Uluwatu Temple.

Even so, Fany said that the monkey behavior in Uluwatu was not for personal use. They often do it for the benefit of the group. Moreover, the monkeys are having problems meeting their food needs. Faced with such conditions, they also inevitably commit theft which is then exchanged for food. The type of food they often get from the goods that have been exchanged is generally bananas.

The behavior of monkeys in Uluwatu is proof of their intelligence

Research conducted by Fany also reveals surprising facts about monkeys. The behavior of those who try to survive by stealing and exchanging it for food is evidence that monkeys have a very high level of intelligence. The level of intelligence they have, gives them the ability to imitate activities that they often see.

The behavior of the monkeys in Uluwatu is of course very disturbing for tourists, both local and foreign. Their existence is of course very disturbing the comfort of the visitors. Moreover, if the monkey commits a theft that has an impact on financial losses.

Therefore, for those of you tourists who want to take a vacation to tourist attractions in Bali which are full of long-tailed monkeys, be sure to be careful. You may be amazed by the funny behavior of the monkeys. However, you should make sure to stay alert and take care of your belongings. Don’t let the luggage be stolen by the monkeys and then they will exchange it for bananas.

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