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Tabanan village

Petiga Tabanan village, The Ornamental Plant Centers – The name of the village of Petiga Tabanan is indeed very unfamiliar in the ears of tourists. Its name is less classy when compared to the rapidly developing tourist villages such as Penglipuran Village. However, who would have thought that Petiga Village has interesting tourism potential. This village has great potential because it has always been known as an agropolitan village of ornamental plants.

Tabanan village
Tabanan village

The determination of Petiga Village as an agropolitan village of ornamental plants. Was carried out by the former Governor of Bali, Dewa Beratha in the 1990s. Furthermore, the local community continues to strive to preserve the village. As proof, at this time there are still very many people who work as sellers of ornamental plants. In fact, these activities have been supported by the application of local customary rules.

Bali Petiga Villagers who are vying to have an Ornamental Plant Garden

When visiting the village of Petiga Bali, you will find that almost every house has a garden intended as land for ornamental plants. In this village, there are 3 hamlet areas which are famous for their people who work as ornamental plant farmers. The three hamlets in question are Petiga Kangin, Petiga Blanban, and Petiga Semingan.

Interestingly, there is also one village that specifically prohibits the transfer of the function of the green space in front of the house. In the concept of traditional Balinese architecture, this area is known as spoiled. Therefore, you will find a shopping area in houses in the village of Petiga. Which has a beautiful design with the presence of ornamental plants in various shapes and colors.

Tabanan village
Tabanan village

Not only utilize the front area of ​​the house. Residents in Petiga Village also do the same for the area behind the house. The backyard, known as teba, is also used as a garden. Some people also choose to use the teba area as a storefront facility which is an effort to display various types of ornamental plants that can be purchased by visitors.

Not quite up there, the agreement of citizens also prohibits the activity of selling the plot of land that is owned by the village. The plot of land that belongs to the village is known as the ayahan land. Its existence is intended for the benefit of all citizens. By doing so, the people of Petiga Village can guarantee that there is no effort to transfer ownership and can also encourage the cultivation of residents’ ornamental plants.

Various Beautiful Ornamental Plants in Petiga Tabanan Village

A visit to the location of the Village Petiga in Tabanan Regency, can be an effort to shop for ornamental plants at low prices. Local people say that the price of ornamental plants they offer, is far cheaper when compared to ornamental plants offered in Denpasar. In addition, variants of ornamental plants that can be obtained in Petiga Village are also far more numerous.

Banana-pisangan or known as heliconia can be found very easily in this village. In fact, you can find heliconia plants in various forms. Heliconia denslifora, which offers a banana-pisangan flower shape similar to crab claws, can be obtained easily. If you want a more beautiful heliconia, you can find heliconia rostrata which has a hanging flower shape.

The efforts made by the community of Petiga Village are proof that life choices to preserve the environment can have a very positive impact. Moreover, the ornamental plant business in this village can significantly support the people’s economy. The proof, many people who choose to remain in the village and are reluctant to migrate to other cities.

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