Kintamani coffee

Kintamani coffee with a phenomenal aroma – By the typical Balinese, the first is the very phenomenal Kintamani coffee. You must make this coffee as a souvenir because it will be loved by coffee lovers. Kintamani coffee itself is touted as one of the best coffees in Indonesia.

Kintamani coffee
Kintamani coffee

Even more extraordinary, Kintamani Coffee, Gayo Coffee and Flores Coffee get Geographical Indication certificate. Which means that this coffee has met international coffee standards. Very feasible if used as souvenirs to take home.
Even this coffee is hard to find in other areas. The taste is unique as well as how to plant it with

intercropping plantations, coffee trees are on terraces with other plants such as oranges, cocoa and various vegetables. This makes the Kintamani coffee taste slightly sour because it is mixed with the aroma of orange.

Where can I buy this coffee ?

Well, for those of you who want to bring home this coffee. Please just stop by at various souvenir shops typical of Bali. Because usually there are in almost all souvenir shops. But if you want to buy and see first hand the traditional coffee processing. Please come to the Kintamani area, Bali.

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