Tofu Men Rice Sarti Sukawati

The Legendary Tofu Men Rice Sarti Sukawati – Visiting traditional markets is often a good culinary experience while cheap. When you come to Sukawati Market which is famous as a cheap souvenir hunting location in Bali, good culinary tasting opportunities don’t forget to miss. Here, there is one dining location that you need to visit, namely Tofu Men Sarti Sukawati Rice.

Tofu Men Rice Sarti Sukawati
Tofu Men Rice Sarti Sukawati

The tofu rice that you can find at Men Sarti’s simple shop does look far from special. Moreover, the way of presentation is also simple, with a banana leaf wrapper. The location of the stall is also just an ordinary house terrace with no special building attached. Not only that, how to eat in this shop also only uses hands, not a spoon.

However, the simplicity at Warung Men Sarti Sukawati does not lie in the physical building of the stall. The specialty that you can find in this stall is the delicious food. Moreover, Men Sarti has been promising culinary tofu made from since 1963. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will find this simple dining place always crowded with customers.

Delicious and Cheap Culinary in the Warung Nasi Tahu Men Sarti Sukawati

Having a name tag as tofu rice, of course you will not find a fancy and fancy menu during a visit to this shop. You will not find large cuts of beef or pork while here. Instead, you will find white rice with side dishes in the form of fried tofu, vegetables with long beans, chili paste, tofu crackers, chili sauce, and tomato sauce.

Far from luxurious, right? It’s just that the taste of fried tofu in Warung Menasi Sarti Rice feels special and different from other stalls because of the availability of a row of chili choices. The spicy flavor that is served in various choices of chili sauce, makes fried tofu here has a taste that is favored by Men Sarti’s customers.

Tofu Men Rice Sarti Sukawati
Tofu Men Rice Sarti Sukawati

To serve its loyal customers, Men Sarti also provides an ordinary place. He only held his wares in the front area of ​​the house. Aside from being a table that serves as a place to serve food, Men Sarti also provides a traditional kitchen with a stove used as a location for cooking rice.

There is no special seat that you can find if you want to eat tofu rice directly. In fact, you also will not get a dish of tofu rice in a plate, but a banana leaf. You can’t use a spoon too. As a seat option, you can use Men Sarti’s home area as a place to dine.

The Location of the Men Sarti Rice Ball Shop in Bali

To taste the legendary tofu rice from Sukawati Market, you only need to prepare Rp. 7,000 per serving. You can find this simple shop at Jl. First Lieutenant Wayan Sutta II, Banjar Gelulung, Sukawati Village. No need to worry about being closed, because Warung Men Sarti is open every day from 7am to 1pm.

Cheap and tasty. In addition, this food can also be an option if you are reluctant to eat foods made from pork while in Bali. Can make breakfast or lunch, you know!

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