Arang Sate Bar

Traditional Culinary Experience at Arang Sate Bar Ubud -The effort to create a modern traditional culinary location in Arang Sate Bar is the effort of Chef Agung Nugrogo. Chef Agung along with his wife, Kirsten Weimar, were able to create a unique combination of dinincg venues. Chef Agung has a reputation of having worked at New York’s Nobu Restaurant, Buddakan, or Spice Market. Meanwhile, Kirsten has a role in creating classic interior designs.

Cozy Classic Atmosphere at Arang Sate Bar Bali

Arang Sate Bar
Arang Sate Bar

Arang Sate Bar building consists of two floors not far from Puri Saren Ubud. This location offers a calm atmosphere and away from the hubbub of the streets. Indoors, you will find a classic-style interior design with the use of wooden chairs and tables with a luxurious marble lining. In addition, you will also find the existence of a semi-open kitchen and stairs to the second floor.

Room lighting is also Kirsten’s concern in designing the Arang Sate Bar Bali room. The use of panels made of glass, giving visitors a chance to eat food in bright conditions utilizing natural light. As a complement, the lighting arrangement also ensures that no area feels dark while in the room. The capacity of the room at Arang Sate Bar is also quite large, able to accommodate up to 94 visitors.

Combine East and West Cuisine at Arang Sate Bar Ubud

Related to the menu choices you can get, Chef Agung Nugroho provides a row of satays from various regions. The ingredients used to make satay are also the ingredients of choice. Spices and various types of seasonings, specially imported from Bedugul. Meanwhile, meat, which is the main ingredient for making various types of satay, was imported from New Zealand and Australia. In addition, there are also other meat choices obtained from various regions in Bali.

The satay options that you can find at Arang Sate Bar are very varied. You can find Madura duck satay served with serundeng at the top. Kakul satay, known as a type of traditional satay typical of Tabanan, can also be found at Arang Sate Bar. In its presentation, satay kakul is accompanied by peanut sauce as a flavoring. If you want to taste chicken satay, there are also pentol satay made with the main ingredient of chicken meat.

If you are reluctant with the satay menu, there are also other rows of food that you can order. You can also find dumpling menus with pork fillings, accompanied by black pepper seasoning. There are also menus in the form of salted pepper squid, roast duck, mutton meatballs, miso, or oyster mushrooms.

Location of Arang Sate Bar Bali

Arang Sate Bar is an option for those of you who are in Ubud and looking for delicious satay culinary day or night. This restaurant can be found open from 11 noon until 11 pm. You can find this dining place located at Jl. Raya Ubud Number 8 Bali.

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