Meayunan, A Unique Tradition

Meayunan, A Unique Tradition From Tenganan Village – Tenganan Village is one of the ancient villages on the island of Bali. The village, which still holds fast the traditions handed down from generation to generation, has several unique traditions, one of which is the traditional game of Meayunan.

Meayunan, A Unique Tradition
Meayunan, A Unique Tradition

Meayunan is a traditional swing game for the people of Tenganan Village. This ancient village in Bali is indeed very unique. The settlement pattern still maintains the settlement pattern that they inherited down and down. The village is also famous for gringsing, ikat woven cloth which is only produced in this village.

Meayunan is only played once a year as part of a traditional ceremony. Usually done after the traditional mat Mekaré-kare, or popularly called pandanus war.

Meayunan is played by eight young girls. They sit in the traditional swing. On the right and left of the swinging pole, two young men were in charge of rotating the swing that the eight girls were riding on.
The two young men turned three times to the south and continued again with three rounds to the north. That’s the swing game system. Each must be done at least three times.

The Mean

This traditional game is not just for entertainment. Meayunan is part of traditional ceremonies and has meaning. The spinning of this swing is a symbol of life that continues to spin. Sometimes we are at the bottom, sometimes at the top.

The swing procession is only done specifically in the Usabha Sambah ritual which is held in the fifth month of the Tenganan Village calendar called Sasih Sambah. Sasih Sambah is the month of the biggest traditional ceremonies in Tenganan Village, including the village of Bali Aga (Old Bali).
Because this is related to traditional ceremonies, this swing is sacred and cannot be used carelessly. Swing can only be used after five days installed. Before it is used, prayers must also be held.

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