Boekan Ramen

Super Spicy Culinary Icons in Boekan Ramen Bali – Looking for food according to taste can be done very easily when vacation to Bali. Especially for those of you who claim to be lovers of super spicy culinary, there is one place you can visit, namely Boekan Ramen Bali. As the name implies, Boekan Ramen is a place to eat that provides a typical Japanese menu, namely ramen.

Boekan Ramen
Boekan Ramen

Just like where to eat that offers a contemporary menu, Boekan Ramen provides food with a choice of spiciness level. With such a choice, you can order your favorite menu according to taste. Well, the thing that is not less important is that the spicy ramen cuisine that you can order here is safe for consumption by anyone. Boekan Ramen ensures that the menu they offer is halal.

Boekan Ramen Bali Is Famous As A Tongkrongan of Young Children

The presence of Kedai Boekan Ramen is specifically providing a fun hangout solution for young people. Those who visit and enjoy spicy ramen meal here, generally are young children. Moreover, at this time spicy culinary is often a favorite food of young people. The more spicy the menu is served, the more it will collect.

The attraction of Boekan Ramen lies not only in the choice of food spiciness level. They also provide a comfortable place to eat. The arrangement of the place to eat is done by not overcrowding. The atmosphere of the room in Kedai Boekan Ramen shows a simple impression.

Menu prices at Boekan Ramen

The thing that makes many visitors come to the Boekan Ramen Store is none other than because of the cheap food prices. The main menu that you can find here, of course, is the famous ramen noodles as a typical Japanese dish. You can get a portion of ramen noodles for only Rp20 thousand. You can choose to eat broth or fried ramen. As an alternative, the Boekan Ramen Shop also offers another menu in the form of fried rice.

As mentioned, visitors can choose the menu according to the desired level of spiciness. In addition, the Kedai Boekan Ramen also provides topping options in various forms. You can find a choice of toppings in the form of fish cake, crackers, sausages, and others. Additional toping prices that you can order vary, ranging from Rp. 2 thousand to Rp. 8 thousand. Even though it’s cheap, the taste of toppings and ramen here is pretty good. Evidently, many visitors continue to arrive.

Location of Boekan Ramen Shop

The Boekan Ramen shop is a popular food stall in Bali. There are two store locations that you can go to if you want to taste the super spicy contemporary ramen cuisine at Boekan Ramen. The first location you can find in Boekan Ramen Dewi Sri, which is located at Jl. Dewi Sri Number 24, Legian. The location of this shop is very strategic, close to various popular places in Legian.

The second location is no less strategic. You can find the next Boekan Ramen shop in the Renon area. You can find the complete address of the shop on Jalan Tukad Yeh Aya Number 34, Renon, Denpasar. You can visit this shop every day, open from 2 pm to midnight. So, you can choose Kedai Boekan Ramen when you are hungry during the day or night.

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