Bali's Lesung Mountain

Mysterious and Sacred Atmosphere of Lumut Forest in Lesung Mountain – How to enjoy a vacation in Bali is not just by visiting the temple or the beach. If you want to find a vacation that offers adventure, it never hurts to choose a mountain climbing activity. Many mountain choices you can go to, one of which is Mount Lesung Bali.

Bali's Lesung Mountain
Bali’s Lesung Mountain

The popularity of Mount Lesung as a climbing destination is still very lacking. Compared to the activity of climbing Mount Lesung, many tourists choose to reach the summit of Mount Agung, Mount Batur, or Mount Batukaru. In fact, Gunung Lesung offers its own unique charm.

Mount Lesung crater in the shape of the eye

Lesung Mountain is a mountain that is no longer active, with a height reaching 1,865 meters above sea level (masl). Therefore, this mountain has a dense and shady forest area. One thing that makes this mountain so unique is the existence of a green crater in the middle. This crater has the shape of an open eye.

Besides being unique in the unique shape of the crater, Mount Lesung is also known as a mountain area that is sacred by the Balinese people. The location of Mount Lesung is not far from Tamblingan Lake which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Bali. Here there is also Naga Loka Temple which is a sacred temple of Balinese Hindus.

That said, there is a legend that is closely related to the existence of the Naga Loka Temple. In addition to the temple, you can also find a cave whose base is not known, called the Naga Loka Hole which is not far from the Mount Lesung Peak area. Not to forget, there are also Pura Bukit and Pura Endek that are no less sacred.

Bali’s Lesung Mountain Trail

For those of you who are interested in exploring the beauty of the forests in the Gunung Lesung area, you can start from the starting point of climbing in Tamblingan Village. From the village, you can continue the journey by following the Mue River. So as not to experience difficulties in exploring the forest, you can ask for help from the surrounding community to guide.

During the trip across the climbing route Mount Lesung, the scenery that can be obtained will make you amazed. During the trip, you will find the dominance of exotic big trees, covered with moss. The view of a large tree covered by moss, gives a mysterious impression to this forest.

Arriving at the top of Mount Lesung, a beautiful view of Tamblingan Lake will be a free entertainment that can be enjoyed as much. In addition, the existence of a small temple on the summit of Mount Lesung also requires you to be polite while in the area.

The journey you need to explore the beauty of Mount Lesung in Bali is quite long. One way, the average time needed is around 5 to 6 hours. The long journey caused by road conditions in the form of shrubs. When climbing to this mountain, be sure to bring food and drink supplies.

In addition, avoid the habit of littering, yes! Bring back trash, so the mountain is free from human waste. Have a nice vacation!

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