River bridge Jembrana

River bridge Jembrana Degree, Instagramable Tourism

Balitraveldiary.com – Looking for tourist attractions in Bali that can enhance your social media account feed can be done by visiting many places. In fact, you can find a row of free instagramable tourist attractions while you are on the Island of the Gods. One location that is now so popular among the millennial tourists of the archipelago is the Sungai Jembrana River Bridge.

River bridge Jembrana
River bridge Jembrana

This bridge actually has a simple shape. This bridge is made with the main material in the form of iron which makes it look sturdy. However, the location of the bridge is what makes the Sungai Sungai Bridge as a special place. This bridge is a link between each of the Sungai Sungai banks. The people call this bridge the Red Bridge because it has a red color.

A natural atmosphere at the Sungai Sungai degree Jembrana which is Instagramable

The main attraction that actually makes the tourists keep coming to this place is because of the location of the bridge that offers a natural atmosphere. The presence of degree river which has clean and clear water, makes the view on the Red Bridge look so charming.

This bridge has indeed become the main access for residents of Batuagung Village. This bridge is not only passable by pedestrians. The wooden base at the bottom of the bridge makes this bridge sturdy and quite large in size when used for a motorcycle crossing.

River bridge Jembrana
River bridge Jembrana

The visitors who come, often spend time relaxing and enjoying the scenery around. Moreover, the beautiful panorama that can be found on the degree river bridge is not just a natural river. You will also find areas around the river in the form of shady green areas.

The main activity that is often done by tourists when visiting the degree river bridge is hunting instagramable photos. There are many locations that you can choose as a place to take pictures. The visitors often choose to take pictures by posing on the bridge, while enjoying the panorama around.

In addition to taking photos with the background of the Jembatan Sungai Sungai degree, you can also pose in the river area. Young visitors often choose to take pictures in the river area while playing water. If you want, you can also take a shower and swim while you are at the degree river.

So that holiday activities to the degree River can be felt maximally, be sure to bring a change of clothes. You don’t need to worry about starving when you visit this tourist destination in Jembrana. Not far from Jembatan Merah Sungai degree, you will find traditional stalls that provide various types of food.

The location of the Tukad degree Red Bridge

You can find this bridge in the administrative area of ​​Dusun Title Sari Village in Batuagung Village, Jembrana District, Jembrana Regency. There are two access options that can be used to reach the bridge, namely through Batuagung Village or using access from Kresna Jvara Sports Hall (GOR) located in the Sawe Rangsasa Hamlet.

While in this place, you don’t need to pay an entrance ticket. Moreover, the Red Bridge is a public place that is often the crossing of many people. It’s just that, every visitor will be charged a parking ticket whose nominal is cheap, only Rp2 thousand per vehicle.

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