Quiet Beach in Bali

Exploring the Quiet Beach in Bali Feel Like Hawaii

Balitraveldiary.com – Cruise beautiful beaches in Bali is indeed very interesting. Moreover, many choices of beach locations that can be visited. In addition to visiting famous beaches such as Kuta Beach, Pandawa Beach, or Sanur, you can also choose to come to a deserted beach for visitors. Interestingly, you can also find the atmosphere of the beach that offers a vacation experience like in Hawaii, you know!

The atmosphere of the beach like in Hawaii that you can get by witnessing the existence of a row of head trees that stand tall not far from the beach. The beach with an atmosphere like this is very interesting if you choose the time to visit in the afternoon. Panorama of the sunset there, will offer a romantic vacation experience. Suitable to be visited with a partner.

Now, which beaches in Bali can provide a holiday experience like this? There are 3 locations that you can visit, namely:

Pasut Beach

Quiet Beach  in Bali
Quiet Beach in Bali

This beach is located in Tabanan Regency, about 25 km from Bedugul. To enjoy the romantic atmosphere at Pasut Beach, you don’t need to pay an entrance ticket or free. This beach is often a stopover for tourists in the afternoon. Usually, they will compete to take pictures of the breathtaking sunset panorama here.

Pasut Beach in Tabanan also has waves that are quite safe, not too big. That way, tourists can try snorkeling or swimming in the beach area. In addition, you can also choose to play sand on a wide stretch of soft sand. Don’t forget to bring volleyball too.

Beach in Selemadeg Subdistrict

Quiet Beach  in Bali
Quiet Beach in Bali

You can get a beach destination with a similar atmosphere in Hawaii when you visit a row of beaches in the Selemadeg District. Like Pasut Beach, the beaches in this region are also full of beautiful coconut trees. One of the famous beaches in this region is Soka Beach.

Soka Beach has a characteristic black sand beach and very soft texture. In the western part of Soka Beach, you can find residents’ rice fields that are filled with tall coconut trees. The scenery here is increasingly exotic with a background in the form of Mount Batukaru.

Batu Tampih Beach

Quiet Beach  in Bali
Quiet Beach in Bali

Beach views like in Hawaii you can also find when visiting Batu Tampih Beach. This beach is located in Tabanan Regency, located in a remote area which is rarely visited by tourists. Moreover, access from the center of Denpasar City is also so far away.

However, the extra journey that must be taken to get to Batu Tampih Beach will get a beautiful gift. Beautiful views of the beach with a row of beautiful coconut trees, making this beach feel exotic. To get here, you can use the Banjar Batu Tampih Kangin as the benchmark.

These beaches are still well preserved because the level of tourist visits there is still quite minimal. So, if you decide to come there, be sure to maintain its natural beauty, yes. Do not let your presence makes this beach so not feel beautiful.

Well, that’s the recommendation of 3 beach vacation destinations in Bali that provide an atmosphere like being in Hawaii. Interesting to explore, right? Come on, immediately plan your tour to Bali as soon as possible.

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