Leker Baper Bali

Leker Baper Bali, Hits Traditional Snacks

Balitraveldiary.com – Traditional snacks are often considered as outdated foods. Traditional culinary lovers are also mostly adults. However, with proper processing, traditional snacks can also be liked by young people. A concrete example of this phenomenon can be found through the existence of Leker Baper Bali.

Leker Baper Bali
Leker Baper Bali

As the name implies, Leker Baper is a dining place that provides a main menu in the form of a leker. Like leker, here you will find traditional snacks that have a shape similar to sweet martabak. However, this cake is formed with a thinner and smaller size.

However, the appearance of leker cakes provided by Leker Baper is much different compared to traditional leker cakes. Leker Baper is deliberately giving a touch of contemporaryity to its sales products. The result, you will find a cake leker accompanied by various types of toppings.

Leker Baper Cake Balinese Youth Like

The phenomenon of the emergence of Leker Baper indeed proves that food is actually liked by anyone. With the right presentation, traditional cakes can also compete with preparations from abroad. As proof, the majority of buyers, both those who buy online or come to outlets directly, are young people.

Leker Baper Bali
Leker Baper Bali

When you visit Leker Baper, the cake menu that can be obtained is different compared to other leker cakes. Here, you can find a selection of sweet and salty cake cakes. The difference in the taste of the two cakes is determined by the type of toping you choose.

For those of you who like salted leker cakes, you will find plenty of topping choices. You can try the leker cake which has a pizza-like appearance, with egg, mozarella and sausage topping. There is also a leker with egg topping and shredded. Other options, you can find toping in the form of beef, mozzarella, or indomie.

Today’s selection of leker cakes with a sweet taste is no less. You can find creamcheese leker that looks so tempting. Leker with a thick sprinkling of chocolate is no less tasty. If you want, you can also find the leker with a healthy green tea topping.

Then, what about the price of contemporary cake in this place? Take it easy, even though it looks fancy, but you will be able to eat delicious leker cakes here at cheap prices. The price of the cake here is adjusted to the chosen topping. You can find a bell with cheap price tag, only Rp. 6 thousand to Rp. 22 thousand.

Location of the Leker Baper Cake Shop, Denpasar

Then, where can you find the Leker Baper Cake shop? This place can be found at Jl. Waturenggong number 52, Denpasar. As a rule, you can find the existence of SMA Negeri 2 Denpasar not far from the outlet location. In addition, this place is also not far from the Bajra Sandhi Monument and the Soekarno Museum.

Besides being able to come directly to the Leker Baper outlet, you can also place an order online. Simply by using the Grab or Gojek application. Oh yes, this place serves in the range of time 15:00 to 22:00 yes!

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