Padang Bai beach

Padang Bai beach, beautiful from Bali – It does not seem excessive if you call Bali as a beach paradise. Another beach that is no less interesting on the island of Bali is Padang Bai Beach.

This beach is located in the harbor crossing Bali – Lombok. Although this beach is a crossing path, but its cleanliness is not necessarily forgotten. This beach is quite familiar, especially for lovers of sport fishing and also diving. Even though the position is next to the harbor, the marine life in this beach is very well maintained.

Padang Bai beach
Padang Bai beach

Currents that are unstable and sometimes strong are a particular concern for those of you who intend to dive at this location.

Slightly different from other beaches in Bali. This beach offers a calm beach tourism atmosphere with conditions that contrast with Kuta Beach which is bustling with the bustle of its visitors.

Well, if you are curious, don’t miss your visit to Padang Bai Beach. A beach tourism experience that might be different from what you’ve felt before.

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