Woven Endek

Balitraveldiary.com – Admire the beauty of Bali as if it has no end and limits. The beauty of the Island of the Gods is not limited to the panorama and the charming curves of the beach. Likewise the rich architecture of the temples, but also the majesty of their art. One of them is Wastra or Endek Woven Fabrics. This woven fabric summarizes the natural beauty of Bali and the history of the beauty of their religious artists.

Woven Endek
Woven Endek

History of Bali Weaving Endek

Endek Woven Fabric is a work of weaving culture that has been passed down for generations. But the era of its development began from time immemorial. Precisely in the reign of King Dalem Waturenggong in Klungkung Gelgel. From here then spread to the surrounding areas, one of them Sulang Village. Endek Woven Fabrics increasingly developed after the era of independence. With government support, this fabric is accelerating in its production. For example in 1985-1995, the production process of Endek Woven Fabrics had begun to use Non-Machine Weaving Equipment (ATBM). Then since 2011 this fabric began to be popularized as a uniform material. Furthermore, until now there is even an Event to select sons and daughters of Endek Duta which are held regularly.

The name Endek itself has a unique meaning. The name comes from the local language that is “gendekan” or “shortened” which means silent or permanent, not changing its color (Adnyana, Interview, 2015). The term appears in the middle of the manufacturing process, which is when tied and then dyed, the yarn bound is fixed or unchanged or in Bali it is called “shortening”. The production center of Woven Endek in Bali covers the regencies of Karangasem, Klungkung, Gianyar, Buleleng, Negara and Denpasar Municipality.

Art and philosophy

Endek Woven Fabric for the Balinese is not just a woven fabric. But it is a work of art that has been passed down through hereditary skills. Besides this woven fabric is also a cultural identity and ritual artifact. Until now the Balinese still master the skills of weaving these ancestors and doing weaving activities as their routine. The results of this weaving are applied to the clothes they wear everyday and cloth for religious rituals there.

If you want more information and details about the history of Endek Woven Fabrics, you can read them in our other article that is the 5 Facts of Bali Typical Endek Woven Fabrics.

Characteristics of Bali Endek Weaving

One source said that the ikat technique that developed in Bali was a single ikat technique in the weft and double ikat in both yarn, warp and weft. No wonder to make a motif Endek Woven Fabric requires quite a long time in its production. But in line with the development of Weaving Endek, new creative ways are found in the manufacturing process. Like for example by using the airbrush technique. This technique can shorten the process of making motifs so that the manufacturing process takes place faster. The end is able to increase the efficiency and the amount of production of this woven fabric.

Endek Woven Fabrics are often found in Bali in the form of long sheets / cloths, sarongs and shawls, or what is often referred to as calm. The form of sarong is commonly worn by men. With characteristics have a connection in the middle or side. While Endek Woven Fabric in the form of long cloth worn by women. With the characteristics of having a variety of decorative motifs that adorn the edge of the fabric. In the middle of a plain colored cloth. In line with its development, found many variations, such as decorative ornaments also made in the middle of the fabric besides the edge decoration lines.
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