Ubud Murni Stall

Murni Ubud Stall , A Legendary Place To Eat Since 1974

Balitraveldiary.com – Looking for delicious food that is already famous for its deliciousness is so easy in Bali. You can find a row of legendary culinary tours on this island. One of the places to eat that you must visit to taste the delicacy in Bali is Warung Murni Ubud. This one place to eat is already very famous in Bali. In fact, its existence can be traced since 1974.

The culinary delights in this shop are very well known. In fact, the name of this shop repeatedly appears in the world’s leading travel websites or magazines. Warung Murni is one of the simple places to eat that is highly recommended by Tripadvisor users. In addition, they also received the Restaurant & Bar Awards by LUX Life Magazine in 2019.

Natural Atmosphere with Spacious Dining at Warung Murni Ubud

Its location in Ubud makes this food stall feel so special. You can choose to enjoy your meal in the large indoor area or head to the terrace. When you are on the terrace of the restaurant, you will find a special view. You can enjoy delicious culinary offerings while getting a natural view of the river.

This legendary warung in Bali is almost always crowded with visitors. However, you don’t have to worry that you won’t find a place while you’re here. As a food stall that has been transformed into a modern shop, the manager of Warung Murni really prioritizes comfortable service to guests.

Unmitigated, you will find 4 floors of the building that are fully used as a place to enjoy delicious culinary offerings. You can still enjoy delicious food even though the restaurant is very full. Interestingly, this food stall has been integrated with other services, including gift shops, lodging, and spa services.

Not only that, the interior in the restaurant is also very attractive. You will find a very beautiful arrangement of ornaments while here. The majority of the ornaments and furniture in the room comes with a Balinese feel.

Prices and Menu Options at Warung Murni Ubud

There are many menu variants that you can find at Murni’s Warung Ubud. The majority of the menu that you can get here is traditional culinary. Interestingly, you can also find a halal menu here. In fact, the shop manager deliberately makes the process of making halal and non-halal dishes differently. The cooking utensils they use are also intentionally made separately.

Regarding the choice of food, you can try tasting traditional culinary such as lawar, betutu chicken, mixed rice, or cah kangkung. Not to forget, the restaurant also has interesting menu options for vegetarians. In addition, they also provide international menus such as spaghetti or hot dogs. The menu prices that you can find here are also quite varied, generally ranging from Rp. 20 thousand to Rp. 50 thousand.

Ubud Pure Warung Location

To get a chance to taste the legendary menu at Warung Murni Bali, you can come to the location at the address Jl. Ubud Camp. You can use the bridge as a benchmark to find this traditional food stall building. You must do that if you really want to be interested in delicious traditional culinary that has survived for decades.

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