Yeh Buah Jembrana

Yeh Buah Jembrana Waterfall Instagramable destination in Bali – The existence of hidden tourism always makes Bali so interesting to visit. One hidden tourist destination that has recently experienced an increase in popularity is the Waterfall of the Buah Buah Jembrana. This waterfall offers an instagenic photo location against a background of flowing waterfalls like a natural curtain.

Yeh Buah Jembrana

The main uniqueness that makes tourists visit Yeh Fruit is its unique cliff shape. Moreover, the Yeh Buah Waterfall offers a natural atmosphere. The location of the Yeh Buah Waterfall is located in a plantation area owned by residents who promise cool scenery with clean and natural air.

Beautiful and Unique Cliffs at the Jembrana Fruit Fruit Waterfall

The cliff which is the location of the waterfall at Yeh Buah is the main attraction for tourists. The cliff offers naturally formed layered rock structures. The flow of water that crosses the cliff is also not too heavy. That way, visitors can take pictures with the cliff background more closely.

In addition, the flow of water that is not too heavy also makes the Yeh Buah Waterfall a fun family tourist destination. You can calmly bring your child to play in this waterfall. Moreover, you will find the existence of a fairly large and shallow pool of water under the waterfall.

In the pool, visitors can spend their time swimming or bathing under the splash of the waterfall. In addition, you can also choose to relax while taking pictures. However, it is a pity to visit the waterfall tour without playing water, right? So, make sure you bring a change of clothes when you come to this place.

Although it is a newly popular tourist destination, the facilities that can be found around the Yeh Buah Waterfall are quite complete. Here, you can find the existence of facilities in the form of public toilets that can be freely used by visitors. In addition, there is also a gazebo which is a means to relax.

Access road that can be used to get to the Yeh Buah Waterfall is also quite good. You will not find it difficult to reach Yeh Buah Waterfall by motorized vehicle. In addition, villagers are also open to the arrival of visitors who have a desire to enjoy the natural beauty of the village.

How to get to the location of Bali’s Yeh Fruit Falls

You can find Yeh Buah Waterfall located in the area of ​​Yeh Embang Kauh Village which is included in the administrative area of ​​Mendoyo District, Jembrana Regency. The location is quite close to the State City known as the Capital of Jembrana Regency, only a distance of about 20 km apart. You can take the time to come here by crossing Jl. Raya Denpasar – Gilimanuk.

Around the Yeh Buah Waterfall, you will indeed find it quite rare to find other tourist attractions. Even if there is, it is Bunut Bolong, which is located some distance away. However, a trip to this place can be an alternative in filling vacation time to Bali. When else can visit anti-mainstream destinations in Bali, right?

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