Rindik Instrument

Rindik Traditional Bali Instrument

Balitraveldiary.com – This musical instrument is commonly used to accompany a wedding reception that can give the effect of a calm and comfortable atmosphere when guests enjoy a meal. This is Rindik, a traditional Balinese musical instrument made of bamboo.

Rindik Instrument

Rindik is a musical instrument that is played by being hit and pitched selendro. This musical instrument, which at first glance resembles a xylophone, has 11 bamboo beats of different sizes arranged in a wooden frame.

Rindik has a special hitter with a pelvic stem made of fiber or bamboo. This Balinese musical instrument has several types including tingklik and granting.

Rindik is usually played by 2-4 players consisting of 2 people to beat rindik and the rest for flutes and gongs. Besides being played at the reception, this instrument is usually used to accompany dances such as social dance which is commonly called jogged or infatuated.

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