Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida, Exploring Exotic Coral Reefs – Nusa Penida Island is the largest island of the Nusa Lembongan-Nusa Ceningan-Nusa Penida group of islands. Compared to Lembongan Island which is surrounded by steep cliffs and natural cave niches, Nusa Penida has a relatively more gentle and sandy beach. Some of these beaches look very exotic because they are surrounded by hills and dense forests that have not been touched. These hidden beaches can only be reached by sea using a jukung boat that is rented by local fishermen.

Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida

In terms of tourism infrastructure, Nusa Penida may not be as advanced as its neighbor, Nusa Lembongan. However, the island, which is several times wider than Nusa Lembongan, holds an underwater natural charm that is no less amazing than its neighbor. In fact, it can be said, the coral reefs in the waters around Nusa Penida are far superior in terms of biodiversity. No less than 200 species of coral reefs and 500 species of fish live in shallow waters around the 200 square kilometer island.

With its underwater wealth, it’s no wonder that Nusa Penida is considered as an international dive destination. This island has been identified by the diving enthusiast community as having more than 20 dive sites. Some popular diving spots include Manta Point, Toyopakeh, Crystal Bay, Malibu Point and Suana Bay. One of the attractions that are unique to dive points in Nusa Penida waters is the presence of sunfish and manta rays which can be found when the weather permits.

For those who do not have a license to dive, can choose snorkeling as an alternative activity. Some common spots recommended for snorkeling activities include Toyopakeh, Crystal Bay, and Manta Bay. Both in Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, there are providers of snorkel travel package services to several points at once around the two islands, such as the three points Crystal Bay-Toyopakeh-Jungut Batu which can be explored on a trip for 3-4 hours. There are snorkeling packages that use fishing boats owned by fishermen, larger-sized boats, and speedboats – depending on the number and budget of each visitor.

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