Balinese Batik

The Characteristics of Balinese Batik and its Explanation – The Characteristics of Balinese Batik and its Explanation No need to doubt, friend, Bali. What we often call the island of the Gods is one of the destinations. That is quite attractive to many nobles, both foreign and local aristocrats.

Balinese Batik
Balinese Batik

The natural beauty that we can enjoy from the island. You can restore the spirit after spending a long time to work. And besides the natural beauty found in Bali, there are also cultural elements. That we can also enjoy and admire from the island of Bali.

Talking about the culture of Bali, then of course our discussion will not be separated from its culture. One of the famous culture or art that is worth admiring from Bali is Balinese batik. Well buddy, for a full review of the Bali batik, let’s just look at the following reviews carefully. Cekidot.

In general, most of the Balinese batik motifs are batik motifs. Which are a blend of local designs. Which of course are preferred by the Balinese people themselves and people visiting the Bali area. The Balinese seminary artists also express themselves freely in all the existing motifs on the Balinese batik motif. You can make the special characteristics of Yogyakarta batik as additional information.

The following are some of the characteristics of the Bali Batik, including:

  • It has a tourist attraction style of natural Balinese looks. Such as frangipani flowers and hibiscus flowers, bird or fish patterns. As well as an overview of the daily activities of the Balinese people. All motifs or patterns are packaged and poured in the form of batik that is typical from Bali.
  • Have a style or cultural motives such as cremation ceremony or religion in Bali
  • It has a style and also the mythology of supernatural beings. Such as when, barong, blind and winged lions like those in general.

Another characteristic of Balinese batik

Balinese Batik Accent

The accents that will be given to each motif and pattern of Balinese batik will not be as great as one another.

Types of Balinese Batik Fabrics

The motif and pattern of Balinese batik cloth uses different mori fabrics and patterns of batik from other regions. Namely the weight or weight of the good Bali cloth will be different from other batik fabrics. You can learn more about the characteristics of solo batik.

Blend of Traditional and Modern Motives into One

The combination of motifs and patterns used by Balinese batik is a combination of traditional and modern motifs. Call it like a typical pattern of the island of Bali such as Turtles, Dragons, Cranes.

In addition, the motif will also be combined with a touch of modern motifs, modern designs, colors and fabrics. That tend to be modern all poured in the Balinese batik. In addition, another thing that is no less important than the Balinese batik is the distinctive aroma of the batik. That is the aroma that comes from the natural coloring materials used.

Well friends, not only tourist attractions or destinations that you need to admire from Bali. But also with culture and one of them is batik from Bali. Hopefully the review is useful.

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