RivaReno Seminyak

Enjoy Traditional Italian Gelato at RivaReno Seminyak

Balitraveldiary.com – Like other cities in Indonesia, Bali is a hot region. In the hot sun, the most delicious way you need to do is taste the ice cream. While in Bali, you can find many places that offer delicious ice cream. For the choice of gelato ice cream, you should consider visiting Kedai RivaReno Seminyak.

RivaReno Seminyak
RivaReno Seminyak

Gelato ice cream which is original Italian becomes a type of ice cream that feels fresh when in the middle of a hot atmosphere while in Bali. Moreover, RivaReno is an original Italian ice cream network that has expanded widely. Moreover, RivaReno has a reputation as the best provider of Italian gelato through the Freshly Crafted Gelato title that they got.

RivaReno Gelato Original from Italy

RivaReno is a gelato ice cream brand that is originally from Italy. You can trace the history of the existence of RivaReno since 2005. The first RivaReno shop was established in the City of Milano, Italy. This business was founded by four friends who were both from the City of Bologna, Italy. Since the launch of its business, RivaReno has been transformed into the best gelato product.

Shortly after the existence of a store in Milano, RivaReno then expanded its branches in various cities in Italy, such as Rome, Florence, Turin, or Ferrara. Not only that, various titles such as Best Gelato in Italy from Golosaria or Maestri Del Gusto from Slow Food, make RivaReno more steadily pampering his championship in the international market. RivaReno Seminyak is their first store in Indonesia.

As part of a leading gelato ice cream network, RivaReno Seminyak strives to present gelato with authentic Italian flavors. Moreover, the way of making gelato in this place has high standards in accordance with RivaReno standards in the original country. You will not find chemicals in every manufacture. In addition to using natural ingredients, RivaReno always uses original fruit in large quantities.

During your stay at Kedai RivaReno Seminyak, you can find gelato in various flavors. For a choice of fruit flavors, you can try strawberry, raspberry, or peach gelato. In addition, there are also other gelato variants such as alice, cremino dark, pistachios, hazelnuts, or chocolate. All gelato is made fresh. Regarding the price, it depends on the size, starting from IDR 50,000 for the small size up to IDR 95 for extra large portions.

RivaReno Seminyak Gelato
RivaReno Seminyak Gelato

A Comfortable Hangout at Bali’s RivaReno Shop

When in Kedai RivaReno or also known as RivaReno Laboratorio Italiano’s, you will find a convenient location. The seating arrangement looks so simple. The atmosphere here, enhanced by the existence of ice cream images in various forms. Do not miss, you will also find wall patches in the form of flowers that make the atmosphere in the room feel fresh.

You can find RivaReno Bali locations very young. This original Italian ice cream shop can be found at the address Jl. Raya Petitenget Number 3, Seminyak. The location is very close to Petitenget Beach. In addition, you can also take the time to this gelato shop when visiting interesting places in Seminyak such as Seminyak Square, Potato Head, or Sea Vu Play.

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