Sate lilit

Taste the typical “Sate Lilit” Twisted Satay in Klungkung – Of the many culinary specialties of Bali, satay wrap is one of the mainstay that is worth trying. Satay wrap is originally a typical dish from the Klungkung area. However, this dish is now easily found in many locations around Bali, such as Denpasar, Badung and Gianyar. For this reason, satay wrap has become a culinary specialties from Bali, besides pork roll and lawar.

Sate lilit
Sate lilit

Compared to satays that can be found in various regions, satay wrap has its own uniqueness. Satay is commonly found in the form of pieces of meat that are skewered with a skewer. Meanwhile, satay wrapped more like a lump of dough that wraps a skewer.

Twisted satay is made from meat that is crushed into a mixture. This dough is then seasoned and burned to give off a distinctive aroma. The dominant aroma of turmeric and lemongrass became the decoy to taste this culinary.

Another uniqueness, although it is not served with peanut spices such as chicken satay or goat, the spicy flavor of the spices that seep in the batter is guaranteed to make your tongue dance.

The spicy flavor in satay wrap comes from a mixture of various herbs mixed into the dough. Spices include red onion, garlic, lemongrass and orange leaf. The mixture of various spices produces a spicy, sweet, and savory taste with a touch of spice that is familiar on the tongue of the Indonesian people.

Meanwhile, meat which is usually used as ingredients for satay wrap is sea fish meat such as tuna. For those who do not like fish meat, some satay wrap vendors also provide satay wrap made from chicken meat.

Because it is made from fish meat, this comestible is safe for consumption by all religious people.

Twisted satay is usually served with several other types of dishes. The usual dishes to accompany satay wrap include tuna satay and pepes tuna. Accompanied by delicious rice and delicious sambal matah, the satay wrap will feel more complete and stable.

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