Mami Jimbaran

Warung Mami Jimbaran, the Place to Enjoy Fresh Seafood in Bali

Balitraveldiary.comCulinary processed seafood or seafood can taste so good when it’s fresh. The right location to hunt for fresh seafood in Bali is to visit Jimbaran. One of the fresh seafood culinary recommendations here is Warung Mami Jimbaran.

Warung Mami is a place to eat that has been around for a long time. The appearance of the shop building is very simple. However, behind its simple appearance, this place to eat has been very famous. In fact, its existence was repeatedly included in media coverage.

Warung Mami Jimbaran Only Serves Fresh Seafood

This shop, which carries the concept of a simple building, prioritizes the quality of the food they serve. To the visitors, the shop owner guarantees that the seafood they serve is only fresh seafood. They will not serve if it is not fresh.

Visitors also have the opportunity to see firsthand the processing of fresh seafood. The way of processing seafood that you can see here uses traditional methods. Sometimes, the management is carried out directly by Pak Putu who is the owner of Warung Mami Jimbaran.

The atmosphere inside feels so simple. Eating culinary here also brings a very populist impression. However, the quality of the food that can be found here is not inferior to that of a more expensive restaurant.

Prices and Menu Options at Warung Mami Jimbaran

As a simple shop, you will not find a diverse menu at this restaurant. You will only find 3 types of marine catches at Warung Mami Jimbaran. The three types of seafood are fish, shrimp, and shellfish.

Processing of marine products here is done by burning. Processing of grilled fish here is called by the name of kurisi grilled fish. The grilled fish also has a large size, it can be eaten for two to three people. A portion of grilled fish is pegged with a tag of Rp. 65 thousand.

With such a large portion, you can choose to make this warung a place to gather. Moreover, the size of the dining room is also quite large. It’s just that you have to pay attention to the availability of the vehicle parking area. Moreover, the existing area is not too much.

Meanwhile, the price of grilled shrimp and shellfish in this food stall has a cheaper price tag. A portion of grilled shrimp, you can enjoy by spending Rp. 50 thousand. Meanwhile, grilled clams are the cheapest seafood menu you can find at Warung Mami, which is IDR 35 thousand per serving.

As a companion, you can also find additional menus. There are 3 types of chili sauce that you can order, namely chili sauce, soy sauce, and chili paste. In addition, you can also order plecing kale, pickled cucumber, or fried garlic. All of these dishes make the culinary experience here a pleasure.

Location of Warung Mami Jimbaran

You can find this shop at the address Jl. Uluwatu II Number 30X, Jimbaran. You can visit this shop around 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. So, make sure to stop by and eat fresh seafood culinary here, OK!


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