5 Types of Side Dishes Required in Balinese Mixed Rice

5 Types of Side Dishes Required in Balinese Mixed Rice

Balittraveldiary.com – Looking for good food in Bali is an easy matter. On this island, you can find many choices of famous authentic Balinese culinary. One of them is Balinese mixed rice which can be obtained very easily in various stalls. In fact, there are some shops that are especially famous for their mixed rice dishes.

5 Types of Side Dishes Required in Balinese Mixed Rice
5 Types of Side Dishes Required in Balinese Mixed Rice

Speaking of mixed rice in Bali, you will find that this traditional dish is different from mixed rice elsewhere. The difference can be found in the use of side dishes. When enjoying mixed rice in Bali, at least you will find 5 types of side dishes, namely:

1 Satay wrapped around (Sate Lilit)

The most striking side dish when ordering Balinese mixed rice is satay wrap. This satay has become one of the culinary specialties and the most sought after by tourists. This satay is made with fish or chicken meat that has been chopped until smooth and mixed with herbs.

The difference between satay wrapped with ordinary satay, can be found in its shape. This satay is made with a skewer, but a meat mixture wrapped around a skewer. Puncture types also vary. There is a wooden prick, there is also a puncture of lemongrass stems.

2. Sambal matah

The next side dish is chili sauce. This one is known as the favorite chili sauce in Bali. The way to make it is also unique, because it doesn’t need to be smoothed like other chilli sauce. Cayenne pepper, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass stalks, shallots, and garlic can be cut into small pieces and then mixed with cooking oil, grilled shrimp paste, lime juice, and salt.

3. Jukut urap

The use of vegetables also can not be released from Balinese mixed rice. Well, vegetables that you can find at this culinary are jukut urap. This vegetable side dish is made with a mixture of bean sprouts, long beans, spinach, cabbage leaves, grated coconut, and long beans. In addition, these vegetables will be mixed with herbs such as chili, shrimp paste, salt, shallots, fried onions, and orange leaves.

4. Shredded chicken

Pieces of chicken meat are also never forgotten in any typical Balinese mixed rice dish. Shredded chicken in traditional culinary is not much different compared to shredded chicken in other places. The meat chosen deliberately comes from the chest which is then mixed with herbs. It was not only tasty, but rather spicy.

5. Anchovy beans

Finally, you can find anchovies. This side dish is made with a mixture of anchovies and fried peanuts. In addition, anchovies are also usually made with spicy seasoning. This side dish can not only be found in rice dishes that are in various places.

Those are 5 types of side dishes that you will often find when you eat Balinese mixed rice. Even so, the use of side dishes in mixed rice in Bali is not limited to these 5 types of side dishes. There are also various additional types that are sometimes added, including swaying pigs.

Now that’s a delicious culinary choice that you can find in Balinese mixed rice. By eating this culinary, you can enjoy a variety of dishes typical of the Island of the Gods on one plate. Practical, right?

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