FIre war Lombok

Fire War, Lombok Hindu Tradition Welcomes Nyepi – Ahead of Nyepi is the time awaited by young people from Banjar Negarasakah and Banjar Sweta in Cakranegara, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara. At that time, they will sink into the excitement of the Fire War.

The Fire War is a hereditary tradition that is hundreds of years old. This tradition is a ritual of repelling reinforcements to drive out the plague brought by bhuta kala or evil spirits who inhabit the earth and disturb human life.

In this unique tradition, two groups of youth face each other. They “fought” using burning weapons (dried coconut leaves). When the bed was lit, the youths from both groups moved. They circled the burning bed and then smoldered the embers of the opposing groups.

Participants from both groups were so excited to attack each other. The heat of the fire from the burning fire did not dampen their guts.

Although this activity smelled of violence, but there was no revenge between them. After the activity was over, the young men shook hands with each other and embraced. This “war” actually strengthened the brotherhood between them.

FIre war Lombok
FIre war Lombok

The Fire War tradition is usually carried out after the ogoh-ogoh parade, the last evening before the implementation of a chess-revelation chess. By evening, the war was over. Mummy was then taken home to be burned again, as a sign of the loss of evil and disaster on earth.

The Fire War tradition that is held every year is held by Hindus in Cakranegara, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. In the past, residents fought using straw left over from the rice harvest. However, because it is now difficult to get straw, residents switch to using sleepwear.

That said, this tradition began when the citizens of Sweta and Negarasakah were attacked by a deadly plague. The Fire War was then carried out to repel reinforcements from various outbreaks of disease.

Fire War is also not done haphazardly. Residents who join the Fire War must prepare themselves well. Do not have bad intentions to hurt opponents during war. Therefore, before the fire war begins, the bed should be checked first, whether there are hard objects or sharp objects in it.

It is also not permissible to tie ties using a rope, but to use leaves to break down quickly when fire hits the opponent’s body. When tied using plastic will hurt the opponent and the fire lasts long on the skin.

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