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One Million Enchantments of Jimbaran Beach in Bali

Balitraveldiary.com – If you hear the name Jimbaran Beach must be familiar, right? One of the beaches in the Bali region, Indonesia has become a mandatory destination for local and foreign tourists. One Million Enchantment of Jimbaran Beach Bali is indeed no doubt, besides enjoying the beauty of the beach, there can also enjoy culinary with the concept of a place to eat on the beach directly.

The following is information that you should know about the Million Enchantments of Jimbaran Beach in Bali before traveling to this place. Let’s see the information!

History of Jimbaran Beach

It is said that, in ancient times in the eastern part of Bali, stood a kingdom named Klungkung. The king was named Ida Dewa Agung Sri Ratu Dalem who was loved by his people. He has 2 wives and 2 sons from his second wife. His wife was named Sri Ratu Dalem Putih and Sri Dalem Ratu Ireng. His son’s name is Dalem Ireng and Dalem Putih.

Initially the king was very fond of his two wives and two sons, but since Dalem Ireng learned to stand up and walk the attitude of the King changed into hating his second wife and two sons, then expel them. But not so with the first wife, the King loved her very much even though he had not yet given birth to a child.

For days the expelled family was plagued by suffering, moving places of residence and looking for fruits that could be eaten. The mother sometimes has to carry her two children and over time the mother runs out of energy. In the midst of despair, the mother finally decided to leave her first son, Dalem Putih who was fast asleep in the forest.

Sunset Jimbaran Beach
Sunset Jimbaran Beach

When Dalem Putih woke up he did not see his mother and siblings, Dalem Putih called his mother and siblings but nothing appeared, until finally he was saved by the Hamlet Sakti who imprisoned in the forest. Hamlet Sakti brought Dalem Putih to his boarding school. Hamlet Sakti is very happy to be accompanied by Dalem Putih, Hamlet Sakti is very grateful to have a boy who is smart, diligent and stoic.

Dukuh Sakti strongly believes that White Dalem is finally trusted to inherit all the knowledge of Dukuh Sakti, namely playing silat, meditating, reciting mantras and all treatments. When Hamlet Sakti died he asked Dalem Putih to move to the Uluwatu Temple area and put his knowledge into practice for those in need.

With a heavy heart Dalem Putih left the hut and moved to the Uluwatu area, his arrival was immediately heard by the surrounding population especially with the ability to heal where many lives have been saved. Dalem Putih is known as a knowledgeable young man who is also polite, diligent and kind to everyone. Dalem Putih also married a prettiest virgin in the Uluwatu area.

One day a young man came with a thin body, his eyes glazed and his clothes were worn out to the White Dalem’s hut telling his wife that he wanted to meet the White Dalem who was in the garden, finally the Dalem White’s wife called her husband who was in the garden. But when he returned, Dalem Putih and his wife did not see the young man where he was.

Dalem Putih suspected the young man was a thief and sure enough, when he entered the house, the food made by his wife had disappeared taken by the young man. Dalem Putih chased the young man and caught him. Instead of apologizing, the young man hit the White Dalem, then the White Dalem responded and a fight ensued.

When Dalem Putih was unable to release another punch, he asked what the young man’s name was and the young man answered “Dalem Ireng” when he heard the name he immediately hugged the young man and said “I am your brother, Dalem Putih”. Finally, a meeting of siblings separated from childhood, which in the end will separate too.

Dalem Ireng yang biasa hidup mengembara tidak mau tinggal dengan sang kakak, ia merasa bahagia hidup mengembara berpindah tempat, sementara Dalem Putih sesuai permintaan penduduk akhirnya tetap tinggal di daerah uluwatu.

Berhari-hari penduduk bergotong royong membuka hutan belantara di sebelah utara Uluwatu. Daerah yang baru dibuka itu memiliki daratan yang luas dan diapit oleh laut di bagian kiri kanannya dan akhirnya diberi nama Jimbaran yang berasal dari kata Jimbar yang artinya “Luas Terhampar”.

Jimbaran Beach Location

Jimbaran Beach is located in Jimbaran, South Kuta, Badung, Bali. Pretty close to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, which is about 7 km away and takes 15 minutes to arrive at Jimbaran Beach.

From Ngurah Rai Airport you take the road to Jl. Access Ngurah Rai Airport, after that turn left and continue straight onto Jl. Ngurah Rai Airport. Then turn left onto Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai after that turn right onto Jl. Ulun Siwi then go straight 450 meters to Jl. Pemelisan Agung and turn right after The Open House Bali and you will arrive at Jimbaran Beach which is on the left.

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