Halal Betutu Chicken

Must Try! Recommended Places to Eat Halal Betutu Chicken in Bali

Balitraveldiary.com – The roads to Bali are certainly not afdol if not at all taste the diverse local culinary offerings. Bali is not only known for its soothing natural beauty, but also for its culinary tastes. Chicken betutu is a popular dish from Bali that is often sought by local or foreign tourists. Typical concoctions by using a traditional Balinese spice recipe called Base Genep (complete spices) no doubt makes the guest tongue sway and be addicted.

 Halal Betutu Chicken
Halal Betutu Chicken

It is not difficult to find a dish of chicken betutu in various corners of the city on the island of the Gods. Its existence is mushrooming, making it easy for visitors to find spicy and savory foods ranging from small shops to expensive restaurants. However, for Muslim tourists it might be a polemic in itself. They are somewhat confused about distinguishing between halal chicken and halal chicken. Related to the process of slaughtering chickens, the use of cooking utensils, food processing, and the use of oil whether using pork or not become a matter of great concern here.

Therefore, Ibu Nia’s Betutu Chicken might be one of the recommendations for Halal Betutu Chickens in Denpasar, Bali. The reason is that Ibu Betia has received a MUI halal certificate so that it can guarantee the halal of the products presented. As proof, the name of the restaurant which is located at Jalan Merdeka No.1, Renon, Denpasar has been recorded on the List of LPPOM MUI Halal Certificate Recipients Prov. Bali, April 2020 period which is listed on the official website of the Indonesian Institute of Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Assessment Institute (LPPOM-MUI). The existence of this certificate while reducing the concern of Muslim tourists in dining related to the issue of restaurant entrepreneurs who make homemade halal marks or personal claims.

From its own home region, this chicken dish with various spices and spices is the most famous from Gilimanuk or Gianyar. Here, Ibu Nia’s Betutu Chicken is an advantage in addition to its halal factor, which is because it is located in the tourism area where ordinary guests stay. This restaurant, which was established on April 1, 2013, has strategic outlets in Renon and Sidakarya. Not only rice boxes and catering, menu packages for guest travel agents, religious events, bazaar events and others are also served here. For those who do not have time to go to their places to eat, they can also order via GoFood and GrabFood, very effective and efficient right?

Characteristics of Chicken Betutu Ibu Nia uses abundant Balinese spices or called even spices. The process of cooking the chicken itself uses tanusan oil or coconut oil, not palm oil, and the original spicy flavor of chili and herbs, not from pepper, is more solid on the tongue. For those who like spicy, there are 3 types of Balinese chilli sauce, chili paste, chili sauce, and sambal embe that can be taken to your heart’s content when eating on the spot.

In addition to getting halal certificates from MUI Bali, Ayam Betutu Ibu Nia also pocketed a hygiene-worthy certificate from the Denpasar City Government Health Service. No wonder the quality of food and restaurant service has become one of the recommended places to eat chicken betutu for halal culinary tourism in Bali which is unfortunately missed, including for guest groups from travel agents. The restaurant located in Renon Denpasar has a seating capacity for 40 people, a maximum of 50 people. The menu package can be adjusted to the request and budget of each travel agent to be friendly in the bag. If you want to place an order to be taken on a long journey, the Betutu Ayam staff Ibu Nia will prepare freshly cooked chicken and wrapped in special packaging until it is more durable.

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