Penjor Bali

Penjor, Symbol of Gratitude for God’s Grace – In every celebration of Galungan celebration, penjor becomes the obligatory trinkets that will complete it. Since a few days before Galungan, the penjor will be very easily found adorn the front side of the building of houses, offices, and shopping centers in Bali. This curved bamboo stems with all of its trinkets do have a special meaning in the ritual of welcoming the holiday which falls more or less two weeks after this Nyepi. Penjor is a form of Hindu’s gratitude to Sang Hyang Widi Wasa for the prosperity which was bestowed upon them.

Penjor Bali
Penjor Bali

Penjor is in the form of bamboo with a curved tip with several complementary accessories according to its type. In general, penjor is divided into sacred penjor and penjor decoration. Each penjor has different accessories and uses.

Sacred penjor is only installed at specific times, places and conditions. Penjor this type has several complementary attributes related to its function in a ceremony. Meanwhile, decorative penjor is installed freely without special provisions, but there are some complementary accessories from sacred penjor which should not be present in decoration penjor.

In addition to bamboo stems, usually sacred penjor equipped palm or palm leaves and several other types of leaves. In addition, this penjor is also equipped with three types of agricultural products, namely bungkah nutmeg (cassava and tuber types), hanging nutmeg (coconut, cucumber, pineapple, and other types of fruits), and nutmeg wija (grains such as rice and corn).

In addition to these elements, the sacred penjor is also equipped with snacks, Uang Kepeng, and Sanggah Ardha Chandra and their offerings. What is meant by Sanggah Ardha Chandra is a bamboo box whose upper side is curved and is used as a place to put offerings.

The whole form of penjor soaring with a curved tip represents the Great Mount and the Motherland which is a symbol of life, prosperity, and safety. In addition, each component in the sacred penjor is a symbol of the power of the gods.

Bamboo is a symbol of the strength of Lord Brahma, a symbol of the strength of Hyang Mahadewa, a coconut symbol of the strength of Hyang Rudra, three types of agricultural products symbolize the power of Lord Vishnu, and Sanggah symbolizes Lord Shiva. In addition, the three types of crops and snacks represent the types of plants bestowed by Sang Hyang Widi Wasa.

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