Ketupat Bali

Tipat Blayag , Tasty Ketupat Culinary from Bali – Ketupat became a type of culinary that is commonly found in Java. Moreover, when entering the Eid, we can be sure this culinary dish must be at home. In Bali, you can also find culinary that is similar to the diamond, which is typical Buleleng tip. It will be an interesting experience when you taste this culinary when you are in Bali.

Ketupat  Bali
Ketupat Bali

At first glance, the appearance of the typical Buleleng blayag has a very striking difference compared to the diamond. This culinary is usually made not in a square shape like a diamond. Instead, the tipat is wrapped using palm leaves or sugar palm which is then shaped in an oval shape.

Palm or palm leaves used as wrappings are not ordinary leaves. The leaves are selected young leaves. The goal, so as to cause a more delicious tipat taste. In addition, young leaves also provide convenience in the packaging process. Unlike the old leaves that will be more difficult to fold.

How to make a trick also requires a long time, like making a diamond. Rice that has been previously wrapped, must be boiled within 5 hours. Usually, the longer the boiling time, the better the results obtained. Blayagnya will feel smoother and more legit.

Special Blayag Typical Making Materials for Buleleng

The main ingredient that is mandatory in culinary, of course, is tipat which is then cut into small sizes. To be full, usually in one portion, you will need some tipat that must be cut. Next, the piece of tipat will be mixed with herbs and other side dishes.

Other side dishes that will be present in the typical Buleleng tipat blayag are bean sprouts, vegetable ointment, shredded chicken, fried peanuts, and then doused with steaming chicken broth. As a complement, the presence of boiled egg pieces, fried onion taburang, and fried peaks so crisp provide more pleasure when eating this Balinese culinary.

With a look like that, typical Buleleng blayag will look so full in the dish. At first glance, it will look very similar to other culinary that is familiar to the general public, namely pecel. Moreover, with the project being so striking at the top of the tipat.

Price of Typical Blayag Typical Buleleng

The price of typical Buleleng blayag is so cheap. This culinary can be obtained easily not only in the Buleleng area. You can also find it in Denpasar. If in Denpasar, there is one stall that is famous for this culinary, namely Warung Bu Agus. The location of this shop is located at Jl. Tukad Yeh Aya Number 31, Renon.

Besides delicious, the price of tipat blayag at Warung Agus is also very cheap. You can taste this culinary for only Rp10 thousand. You can visit this stall starting in the afternoon, 4 to 2 in the morning. So, quite a long time to open it. Alternatively, you can also come to Warung Blayag Buleleng in Surapati No. 124, Kampung Baru, Buleleng.

Well, that’s a delicious culinary choice offered by the people of Buleleng. No less delicious than other typical Balinese menus, deh!

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