Mamak Bali Seminyak

Mamak Bali Seminyak, Presenting Malaysian Culinary – You will get a unique culinary phenomenon when you visit a typical Malaysian restaurant in Bali called Mamak Bali Seminyak. Even though it has a label as a Malaysian food restaurant, it turns out that Mamak Bali is not a restaurant chain originating from the neighbor country. Instead, this restaurant turned out to be large and popular in the City of Sydney and Melbourne which incidentally are in Australia.

Mamak Bali Seminyak
Mamak Bali Seminyak

In fact, Mamak Bali is a restaurant that is always crowded with visitors in these two cities in Australia. Restaurant visitors often have to queue long to be able to taste delicious culinary specialties of Malaysia. With high culinary prospects, it’s no wonder that Mamak Restaurant has opened a branch in Bali since 2017. With its high popularity, guarantees of delicious Malaysian cuisine, you can get it here.

Open Kitchen and Spacious Dining Atmosphere at Mamak Bali Restaurant

Entering the restaurant area, Mamak Bali Restaurant, you will find a neatly arranged and spacious dining area. Wall with a combination of white and red colors, giving the impression of a room that looks simple. To enhance the appearance of the room, the restaurant places several photo frames that show a lively impression.

Furthermore, you will also find uniqueness in the kitchen area. As with modern restaurants, you can find an open kitchen area and can be seen by visitors freely. With the open kitchen design, visitors can see firsthand the process of making food by the chefs. In addition, you can also see how the restaurant maintains the kitchen hygiene.

Since the initial launch, Mamak Bali Restaurant has almost always been crowded with visitors. Moreover, the level of tourist arrivals from Australia is very high. They also actively shared their culinary moments at Mamak Bali Restaurant through social media accounts. That way, it’s no wonder that you can also find rows of visitors from Asian countries, including natives, who enliven this restaurant.

Halal and delicious menu choices at the Mamak Bali Seminyak restaurant

As a Malaysian restaurant, you can safely eat halal food when visiting Mamak Bali Restaurant. The menu is available, not only authentic from Malaysia, but also in the form of dishes from other countries which are often served as daily food for people in Malaysia. In addition, the taste of the restaurant has also been adapted to the Asian tongue.

Mamak Bali Seminyak
Mamak Bali Seminyak

Rolled bread accompanied by curry sauce and chili sauce, is a dish that is pretty much liked by visitors. In addition, you also can not miss the fat rice menu, known as the national food of Malaysia. Do not forget to also enjoy a dish of spicy chicken, with a tempting look, which looks crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. There is also a satay menu which is certainly well-known by Indonesians.

No lag, you can also find a row of dessert menus that are no less delicious. Sweet tissue bread, often considered by visitors. If you want, you can also try cendol or bean paste. You can also try pulling tea and ice tea if you want to find authentic Malaysian drinks served by Mamak Bali Restaurant.

Location of Mamak Bali Restaurant

You can find Mamak Bali Restaurant at Jl. Kayu Aya Number 4B, Seminyak. This place can be a dining dining solution in the range between 11 noon to 11 pm. Regarding the price, the price tag set by the restaurant is quite economical for a restaurant.

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