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Legian Street

Night club city on Legian Street Bali

Balitraveldiary.comLegian street is one of the tourist center areas in Kuta Bali. This road becomes the main road to Kuta beach and Waterbom Park, so you will find many foreign tourists on this road. The length of the Legian road is about 1 Km, which runs from west to east, from the Legian area to the T-junction towards Kuta beach.

Legian Street
Legian Street

Entering this road, visitors will find a modern area of ​​Bali. The concept of this road is more oriented to the western world. For a moment, the impression of Bali will be left behind. In this way, visitors will feel like abroad. The shopping complex, hotel, the hustle and bustle of the nightlife, and the Bali bombing are identical to the Legian street of Bali today.

Legian Bali is a paradise for those who like to shop. Shops are the main attraction on this street. The various shops on this street always spoil tourists’ desires. You will see a variety of shops, from traditional art shops, accessories stores, food stores or mini markets, to clothing boutiques with famous brands such as Billabong or Rip Curl. The items sold range from clothing, watches, bags, and unique trinkets to Balinese souvenirs. The types of clothes that are sold are also various, ranging from Balinese shirts, shirts, jeans, to Balinese weaving. There is even a shop that sells surfing clothes for women famous on Jalan Legian and the only one in Bali, the Surfergirl shop.

legian street Almost all types of goods are here, so if visitors do not have time to shop at the Sukawati market or Tanah Lot Bali, they can buy souvenirs on this street. But, of course, the price of goods on Legian street is more expensive than elsewhere.

You also find many Legian accommodations scattered around this location. Starting from small hotels like Tanaya Hotel, to star hotels. Some famous accommodations in Legian that can be used by tourists are Padma Resort, Bali Mandira Beach Resort, Bali Niksoma Hotels, The 101 Legian, and Ramada Resort Camakila. Accommodation in Legian is the right choice, especially for tourists who love the beach because it is so close to Kuta beach.

Legian Bali is also synonymous with party and Balinese nightlife. Various nightclubs such as bars, pubs, or nightclubs are found on this street. Some of Bali’s famous nightlife spots are Bounty Discotheque, Espresso Bar, the E’s Style Cafe & Bar, M-Bargo, Bounty Pub or Sky Garden. Nightlife in this area has always been an attraction for people visiting this area.

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