Green Coco

Green Coco warung Amed with Organic Seafood Menu – Amed beach is now a tourist attraction that makes tourists flock to vacation there. Although, at this time Amed’s popularity is indeed more dominated by foreign tourists. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to try a holiday experience with a quieter atmosphere by visiting here.

Green Coco
Green Coco

Supporting facilities that can be found around Amed Beach are also quite complete. You can find rows of hotels and lodgings with a variety of stay options. For food matters, the restaurants here often provide seafood menus. Well, one recommended place to eat that you need to try is Green Coco Warung Amed.

Here, you can find a row of culinary seafood that is processed in fresh condition. Food processing methods carried out in this restaurant are also deliberately not accompanied by chemicals, such as flavoring and so on. Instead, you will find dishes that are truly organic and served with good taste.

Green Coco that Combines Tasty Food with a Beachside Atmosphere

Green Coco Warung becomes the choice of places to eat which is very close to Lipah Beach in Amed. In fact, to reach the location of the warung from Lipah Beach can be done simply by walking for about 5 minutes. With such a location, you will find a very unique beachside atmosphere when dining dining here.

In addition to offering a location that is close to Lipah Beach, the manager of Green Coco Warung Bali also strives to present an organic and natural impression in the room. As proof, they use furniture made from wood in various locations. Not only that, how to bake fish and various other types of ingredients are also done traditionally, using charcoal.

Green Coco
Green Coco

Menu choices that you can get here are also very varied. The main menu, of course, is processed fresh fish that has just been caught. However, the types of fish that you can enjoy during your visit to this restaurant can change according to the catch of the fishermen. Sometimes, you can find menus in the form of mahi-mahi fish, marlin, or barracuda.

In addition, you will also find non-seafood dishes such as grilled pork or processed chicken. That way, you can choose a very diverse menu variation. Not only a place to eat for visitors who love processed seafood, but also can get other processed menus.

You can also enjoy the menus at Green Coco at fairly cheap prices. On average, the food in this place is pegged with prices ranging from Rp 50,000. With the official tag that is not too burdensome, many backpackers and foreign tourists who often stop by here.

Location of Green Coco Amed

As mentioned, you can find this shop located in the administrative area of ​​Bunutan Village in Abang District, Karangasem Regency. Green Fit has a very long load time. You can choose to try breakfast, lunch or dinner, because Green Coco is open from 07.30 to 22.00.

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