Special Balinese Plecing Satay

Special Balinese Plecing Satay, Tasty Spicy Food Lovers

Balitraveldiary.com – Tasting satay wrap in Bali becomes a culinary tourism activity that so many tourists do. However, satay wrapped is not the only type of delicious satay in Bali. There is also another satay that you must try during your vacation to the Island of the Gods, its name is a typical Balinese satay plecing.

Special Balinese Plecing Satay
Special Balinese Plecing Satay

This particular Balinese food is a type of satay with a spicy taste. Therefore, if you are not the type of person who can stand spicy food, you should choose another menu. Moreover, typical Balinese satay plecing is a type of satay made with spices aka chili plecing. So, it’s no wonder that this satay has a spicy taste.

Various Types of Balinese Plecing Satay

The way of making satay plecing is much different compared to satay wrapped around. You will not find meat wrapped around a skewer. On the contrary, this satay has the same shape as satay in general. Cut the meat into the skewers that have been prepared.

Making a special Balinese satay plecing can also be done with various types of meat. You can find satay plecing that is made with the main ingredient of pork. In addition, there are also culinary satay plecing made using chicken, beef and mutton.

The main thing that distinguishes satay plecing from other types of satay is the plecing seasoning used. Seasoning or chili sauce used in this Balinese culinary is not seasoning or peanut sauce. Therefore, you will find a taste of satay plecing that is far different from satay in Java.

Plecing seasoning in satay plecing is made by mixing several ingredients, such as hazelnut, shrimp paste, tomato, and garlic. Furthermore, the ingredients are mashed by pulverizing. The taste of this chili sauce is not only spicy, but it is also accompanied by a delicious aroma in the nose.

Recommended Delicious Balinese Plecing Warung Satay

Finding a warung that provides Balinese satay plecing is so easy. It’s just that, not all of these eating places are able to provide this traditional culinary island with a taste that is so appetizing. At least, there are 2 places that are so famous as locations to enjoy delicious culinary satay plecing. The two places are Sate Plecing Arjuna and Sate Plecing Mak Luk Luk.

Special Balinese Plecing Satay
Special Balinese Plecing Satay

Sate Plecing Arjuna provides satay plecing in various types, both pork satay or beef satay. They also offer other menus, such as pork meatballs. The price of satay plecing here is not too expensive, around Rp. 24 thousand per 10 sticks. The location of Arjuna Plecing Satay stalls can be found on Jl. Arjuna Number 47, Denpasar Utara. You can find this shop open from 9 am to half 5 pm

Meanwhile, Mak Luk Luk Satay Plecing offers a satay plecing menu at a cheaper price. You can enjoy 10 plecing skewers for only Rp. 13 thousand. The opening hours of Warung Sate Plecing Mak Luk Luk are also long, starting from 9 am to 9 pm, located at Jl. Raya Puputan Number 210.

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