Kumbakarna Laga

The gallant statue of Kumbakarna Laga in the Bali Botanic Garden

Balitraveldiary.com – Bali Botanic Garden is famous as a family tourist destination with a natural atmosphere and collection of flora it has. However, the attraction in the Bali Botanic Garden is not only in the collection of flora. Here, you can also witness the bravery of the Kumbakarna Laga Statue based on the Ramayana story in fighting the monkey troops who came to save Dewi Sprott.

Kumbakarna Laga
Kumbakarna Laga

As the name implies, Kumbakarna Laga is a monument erected in the form of a Kumbakarna figure. For those of you who often hear the Ramayana story, Kumbakarna is the younger brother of Rahwana who is often regarded as an antagonist. In fact, Kumbakarna is a dedicated knight figure.

Kumbakarna Laga Statue depicting heroism

Kumbakarna Laga in the Bali Botanic Garden was built deliberately to show the heroic image of Kumbakarna. For most people, Kumbakarna who is known as a character who often spends his time sleeping is an antagonist. The status as an antagonist was due to Kumbakarna’s involvement in the battle against the monkey army led by Hanoman and Sugriwa.

However, who would have thought that the resistance carried out by Kumbakarna was a knighthood that everyone needed to have? The attitude shown by Kumbakarna in fighting against the monkey army was not carried out with the aim of defending Rahwana who had kidnapped Dewi Sprott. The resistance was carried out by Kumbakarna because he tried to defend his homeland, the Kingdom of Alengka.

The figure of Kumbakarna who was a giant staged a struggle to the last drop of blood against the monkey army led by Hanoman. These efforts are considered important to do, especially after seeing hordes of monkey troops who are ready to invade Alengka. With its great strength, Kumbakarna, known as a sleepyhead, fought bravely against monkeys.

Instagramable Photo Hunting with Kumbakarna Laga Statue

Kumbakarna which is enshrined in the form of a statue in the Bali Botanic Garden looks so violent and dashing. His body is large with a white body. Do not forget, you will also find the existence of war clothes complete with golden crowns attached to the body of Kumbakarna. Not to forget, Kumbakarna’s fury is also evident through the sharp nails on her hands and feet.

In this statue, you will also find the presence of an army of monkeys that surround it. The kumbakarna looks like it’s having a hard time. Moreover, his giant body was climbed by several monkeys led by Sugriwa and Hanoman. Kumbakarna’s two hands were seen each gripping the monkey army. Anger was clearly visible in his bulging eyes, wide open.

The existence of this ferocious and dashing Kumbakarna Laga Statue has become one of the tourism icons in the Bali Botanic Garden. The tourists who visit the botanical garden, often spend quite a lot of time to take pictures in front of Kumbakarna Laga. Moreover, the atmosphere around the statue also makes anyone feel at home.

This Kumbakarna statue is housed in a park with a spacious area. Around him, you will also find a green garden that makes the atmosphere around the statue more attractive. Guaranteed, you will not feel loss when visiting here.


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