Sobangan Bali

Destination Enchanting Ala Village Sobangan Bali – Bali tourist destinations are indeed so thick with the beauty of Kuta Beach. Also the beaches on the south coast. In addition, the fame of the island of Bali is also obtained from residents who are full of culture. Coupled with the many traditions and traditional ceremonies.

Sobangan Bali
Sobangan Bali

This event always manages to attract tourists to come to Bali. Lots of foreign tourists and local tourists who come to Bali just to witness traditional ceremonies and traditions.

The appeal of Bali is never going to be told. Bali does have many interesting places ranging from beaches, lakes, temples to famous tourist villages. This time we will discuss Sobangan Village.

What tours are there in this village ?

Sobangan Village is a village of money where the people still hold closely the culture and customs inherited from their ancestors. Indeed, almost every village always upholds its cultural customs. But it is different from this one Sobangan Village. Because this village has a different attraction and a strong tourist magnet.

In the village of Sobangan there is a beautiful Flower Garden. Sobangan village is indeed famous for its amazing flower gardens. Some types of flowers in this village such as gumitir flowers and water hyacinth flowers.

The surrounding community is indeed focusing on developing several types of flower farming. Which is usually used when celebrating the traditional traditions of Balinese Hindus. Sobangan village itself is a supplier of types of flowers used for traditional ceremonies.

By planting your own flower plantations in this village you get a double effect besides being the main committee. Many tourists come to Sobangan Village to enjoy the beauty of the flower gardens. Indirectly, the villagers can gain profits when many tourists visit this place.

To be able to pose with the beauty of this Sobangan Village flower garden you must get permission from the land owner. You should come to this dsa during the holiday season. So you can join with other tourists.

The beauty of the Sobangan Village flower garden is often the main attraction of young Balinese. Also students who are doing research related to agriculture in the village of Sobangan. In addition to a beautiful flower garden you can also enjoy the beauty of green rice fields. Bearing in mind that rice is also the main agricultural product of Sobangan Village.

Sobangan Village is in Mengwi District, Badung Regency, Bali. This village is geographically located right in the middle of the island of Bali.

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