Wild Habit Pizza

Enjoy Italian-style Pizza at Wild Habit Pizza Seminyak

Balitraveldairy.com -Many choices of places to visit when you want to enjoy a delicious pizza in Bali. For those of you who prefer Italian-style pizza which is often known as neapolitan pizza, Wild Habit Pizza Seminyak can be an interesting consideration. Here, you will find original pizza from Italy where the manufacturing process is still done in the traditional way.

Wild Habit Pizza
Wild Habit Pizza

A traditional Italian pizza that you can eat at Wild Habit Pizza doesn’t just offer delicious flavors. You can also get a calm atmosphere while enjoying the pizza dish. There are various complementary menus that will make you feel satisfied. Moreover, Wild Habit Pizza also offers a cozy and instagramable atmosphere.

The specialty of Neo Neapolitan Pizza at Wild Habit Pizza Bali

Original neapolitan pizza from Italy has a different standard of manufacture from ordinary pizza. In fact, traditional ways of making pizza, including in the world heritage culture that is recognized by UNESCO. Pizza with a Neapolitan model is a way of making traditional pizza originating from the City of Naples in Italy. This pizza is made using basic dough combined with fresh local ingredients and meat.

The hallmark of Italian neo neapolitan pizza is the traditional manufacturing process, which is roasted using wood. In addition, this pizza also has the characteristics of a thin crust at the bottom. In addition, you will find a puff that is on the edge of the pizza. The best way you can do to enjoy the privilege of the pizza is with beer.

The pleasure of serving neo neapolitan pizza is also supported by the arrangement of a comfortable room. The comfortable atmosphere is obtained by the use of walls in the form of glass which makes the lighting in the room feel very good. To beautify the room, Wild Habit Pizza is also accompanied by hanging plants to give a natural impression.

Not to forget, the visitors of Wild Habit Pizza Bali can also witness the process of making pizza directly. The dining area with the kitchen is only separated by a partition in the form of a table used to serve guests. The cozy atmosphere with good lighting at Wild Habit Pizza makes this place a great place to hunt instagramable photos.

Rows of Menus Enjoy at Wild Habit Pizza Seminyak

As a pizza outlet, of course you will find the main dish in the form of pizza. You can find various types of Italian-style pizzas that are ready to be eaten, including margherita pizza, pizza with pesto sauce, parmesan pizza, or pizza with bacon slices on it. If you are reluctant to eat pizza, there are also other menu lines that can be ordered, including spaghetti, rucola, and others.

Location of Wild Habit Pizza Bali

Strategic location of Wild Habit Pizza on Jl. Kunti, Number 6, Seminyak, makes this place worthy of your consideration as a culinary destination. Moreover, you can find this pizza outlet located in the leading culinary tourism area. Around it, you can find rows of well-known eating places, including the Frankenstein Laboratory or Warung Made.

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