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History and Origins of the City of Denpasar, Bali – Who does not know the city of Denpasar, which is the capital of the province of Bali. This city is the largest city in the province of Bali. In addition, Denpasar is also projected as one of the new metropolitan cities in Indonesia.

Not quite up there. Denpasar is also one of the most crowded and visited by tourists. However, do you know the history and origins of Denpasar City? Related to this information, maybe only the local Balinese people know about it.

History of Denpasar City during Badung Kingdom Era

The history of Denpasar City Bali cannot be separated from the existence of the Kingdom of Badung. In fact, the current Denpasar City area, was once known as part of the kingdom of Bali in the past. That said, the origins of the city of Denpasar is a park.

However, the park is not an ordinary park. This park is a favorite location of one of the Badung Kings, namely Kyai Jambe Ksatrya. At that time, Puri Agung Pemecutan still did not stand up. Raja Badung still lives in Puri Jambe Ksatrya – now known as Pasar Satria.

Here, Kyai Jambe Ksatrya often spends time playing cockfighting. In the game, Kyai Jambe Ksatrya is not alone. On various occasions, he also often invited other royal kings of Bli to play together in the park which was the origin of the city of Denpasar.

Denpasar City was Formally Formed in 1788

The government itself established the year of establishment of Denpasar City on February 27, 1788. The name Denpasar attached to this city consists of two words, namely den and market. Den has the northern meaning, while the market literally has the same meaning.

The naming is pinned on Denpasar because of its location which is located in the northern region of the market. The park which is a place to play cock fight Kyai Jambe Ksatrya, now can no longer be found. Instead, the park was changed to Jaya Sabha which is the official residence of the Governor of Bali.

The election of February 27, 1788 as the date of establishment of Denpasar City could not be separated from the inauguration of the Puri Pemecutan event which was carried out by I Gusti Ngurah Made Pemecutan. The inauguration of this castle also led to a separate polemic in the Denpasar City area at that time, due to leadership dualism.

There are two members of the nobility who have the power to govern the kingdom of Badung. The two kingdoms are Puri Agung Pemecutan and Puri Jambe Ksatrya. As a result, the area located west of Tukad Badung is controlled by Puri Pemecutan. Meanwhile, the area east of Tukad Badung is the area of ​​Puri Jambe Ksatrya.

In the final war against the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Badung then had to submit to the Netherlands. Puri Agung Pemecutan Denpasar also suffered great damage. Subsequently, the castle was restored by descendants of royal members, namely Tjokorda Alit Ngurah in 1929.

After Indonesian Independence

After the era of Indonesian independence, the city of Denpasar was listed as one of the regions of the Badung Regency. In fact, through Law Number 69 of 1958, Denpasar was appointed as the Capital City of Badung Regency.

The status of Denpasar City then increased to the Capital of the Province of Bali in 1960, before the capital was located in Singaraja. Then, in 1978, Denpasar was officially separated from Badung Regency and was established as the Administrative City of Denpasar. Since 1992, Denpasar has officially become a municipality.

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