Legian Bali

Balitraveldiary.com – In the tourist area of Kuta there is a street called Jalan Legian, not Legian beach. Yes! Because between the Legian street and the Legian beach of Bali the location is different though close together. From the Legian Kuta street area, there are two alleys named Gang Popies 1 & 2, which connect the Legian street with the Kuta beach of Bali.

Legian Bali
Legian Bali


Along the Legian Kuta street, you will see a row of large shops and small shops. Most of the shops on the Legian Kuta roadside offer typical Balinese products in the form of art items and T-shirts that tourists usually buy for souvenirs. There are also imported goods products such as surf equipment, shoe and sandal shops, and modern boutiques that sell branded clothes, to a 24-hour supermarket available along this road.


Jalan Legian Bali is very long, around 2.9 kilometers so the best way to get around Legian street is by motorcycle or on foot. That way you can visit the shops in Legian Street and in the Gang Popies freely.

Aside from being a shopping location, on Jalan Legian there is also a Bali Bomb Warning Monument. Jalan Legian Bali at night turns into a paradise of nightlife, because along Jalan Legian there are many bars, cafes and discos that are open until the morning. To make it easier for you to find the location of Jalan Legian Kuta Bali, please use the map below!

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