Kreneng Market

A culinary tour of Denpasar’s Kreneng Market at Night! – Culinary tourism activities become mandatory activities while on vacation to various places, including when visiting Bali. You also need not be confused in choosing a culinary destination while in Bali. If you want to taste a complete array of traditional Balinese menus when visiting the Denpasar Kreneng Market. The best time you can choose to come to this traditional market is at night.

Kreneng Market
Kreneng Market

Bali Kreneng Market has long been known as a center for night culinary tourism in the city of Denpasar. This traditional market, in the 1990s was known as a place that functioned as a public transportation terminal in the city. Along with the increasing number of tourist visits, Kreneng Market offers a delicious culinary row and can be obtained at low prices.

Denpasar’s Kreneng Market, which opens in the afternoon

Kreneng Market is a traditional market with a line of food menus that you can find since the afternoon. You can visit the Kreneng Market and find a row of traditional menus not only from Bali, but also special foods from various cities in Indonesia. You do not need to worry about getting food at expensive prices. All the menus that you can find at Kreneng Market, are in accordance with the conditions of the backpacker’s pockets.

With these cheap prices, Pasar Kreneng is often a culinary destination for tourists. It’s just that those who usually visit the Kreneng Market are tourists who have been on holiday to Bali and even very often. Therefore, they are familiar with the atmosphere in this market. In addition, there are also first-time tourists who can be found who are generally accompanied by local residents when visiting.

Rows of Favorite Menus at Kreneng Traditional Market

Kreneng Traditional Market is specifically a fun and appropriate place for culinary hunting. You can choose to visit Kreneng Market to taste halal or non-halal food. As a recommendation for food choices, there are several outlets and sellers that you can consider, including:

  1. Pork bolsters
    Pork rice becomes the main culinary choice that you can enjoy while you are in Kreneng Market. In fact, the pork roll in Kreneng Market is known as a legendary culinary.
  2. Jinggo rice
    Jinggo rice which has long been known as a cheap culinary choice in Bali can also be found easily at Kreneng Market. Jinggo rice menu that you can taste at this market is usually accompanied by a half-cooked egg side dish.
  3. Soto sapi
    If you are reluctant with culinary made from pork, you can also find culinary beef soup. Soto beef sellers in Kreneng Market have been around for a long time, since 2009 and offer a taste that is maintained.
  4. Gado-gado
    Gado-gado is not a typical Balinese food, but from East Java. Well, for those of you who want to taste delicious gado-gado from Surabaya in Bali, you can find it at Kreneng Market.

Well, that’s a consideration visiting Kreneng Market, you can find this traditional market at Jl. Cambodia, Denpasar. This market you can visit in the range between afternoon and evening. Congratulations on cheap tasty culinary dining!

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