Warung Teges Ubud

Warung Teges Ubud with Balinese Mixed Rice Dishes

Balitraveldiary.com – Balinese mixed rice becomes a type of food that can be found easily when visiting the Island of the Gods. In fact, almost every traditional food stall provides this one menu accompanied by cuts of pork. However, there is one food stall that has long been famous for its mixed rice dish, the Warung Teges Ubud.

Warung Teges Ubud
Warung Teges Ubud

Warung Teges Bali is indeed a small food stall. However, who would have thought that Warung Teges is one of the legendary traditional stalls in the Ubud area. The reputation of delicious cuisine in this stall has been widely recognized by tourists. Moreover, its existence is legendary, has been established since the 1970s.

Simple Teges Warung Interior with Traditional Touch
The impression of a simple room you will find when you are in Warung Teges. Moreover, the stall building used is a residential building. So, do not be surprised if the food you can eat at this stall is no different from home cooking. Therefore, many surrounding communities also helped enliven this legendary stall.

The size of the room where the Warung Teges visitors eat is not too large. However, you will find a dining area that can soothe the eyes. Moreover, there is a dining location with Lesbian in the court of a house with a unique building shape that uses the theme of traditional Balinese architectural design.

Rice Mix Menu Becomes the Main Dish at Warung Teges Ubud

The main menu that you can find at Warung Teges is none other than Balinese mixed rice. However, you will find three choices of variations of mixed rice that can be eaten. You can try tasting mixed rice with pieces of chicken, mixed rice accompanied by pork, and mixed rice intended for vegetarians.

The portion of mixed rice that can be ordered at this traditional Balinese stall is also quite large. For example, when you order pork mixed rice, the side dish is not only pork. You will also get shredded chicken, roast pork, vegetable lawar, pork sausage, chicken skin, ginger satay, and boiled eggs. All that will be equipped with chili sauce and chicken soup.

The way food is served at Warung Teges is also quite interesting. The stall manager deliberately arranges food in a traditional way using plates that are equipped with a banana leaf base. The price of a portion of mixed rice in this place is quite standard. You need to spend IDR 30 thousand for each portion.

Warung Teges Ubud
Warung Teges Ubud

Location of Warung Teges Bali

You can find this traditional Balinese stall at the address Jl. Cok Rai Pudak, Peliatan, located in the Ubud area, Gianyar Regency. You can visit and eat delicious mixed rice with large portions at this shop every day, in the range between 9 am to 6 pm.

You can take the time to stop by Warung Teges when you are staying in the Ubud area. The location is quite close to several famous tourist attractions. You can find this stall not far from the Monkey Forest or Agung Rai Museum of Art.

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